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Best Curacao Photo Spots for Instagram (with Directions)

Are you looking for the best instagram-worthy photo spots in Curacao? Then you are not alone!

Curacao is a small Caribbean island that combines Caribbean charm with European influences and deserves the reputation as a hip, vibrant and colorful summer paradise. Curacao’s capital city Willemstad is full of picturesque alleys, amazing street art, and stunning colorful houses.

The beaches of Curacao are just as Instagram-worthy as the capital city Willemstad. However, the island is quite big and the best photo spots can be hard to find my chance. Therefore, I have created a map with the best Instagram-worthy Curacao photo spots and some photography tips on how to get the best shot on your vacation!

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Table of Contents

1. Klein Curacao – Best Curacao Photo Spot!

Klein Curacao is a small island off the coast of Curacao and is definitely my favorite Curacao photo spot. The small island is uninhabited and completely naturally beautiful, you can absolutely not go wrong with having your photo taken there. Whichever shot you take, I promise it will be instagram-worthy.

You can only reach this small paradise by booking a day trip. Find my favorite tour operators here. If possible, bring a go-pro or a drone with you to get some amazing footage!

2. Playa Lagun – Lagun Ocean Resort

This amazing Curacao photo spot is sadly only partially open to the public. Most of my shots were taken from our AirBnB balcony.

Because the pictures turn out so amazing in this spot I have still included it in this collection. I can fully recommend spending a couple of nights in this resort, because it is the most beautiful place on the island.

However, if you are not planning on staying you can still visit photogenic Playa Lagun for free on a day trip! For booking click here.

3. Pietermaai District

The Pietermaai District in Willemstad is one of the most photogenic places in Curacao. Even without trying hard, you can find an instagram-worthy spot at every corner. The district is known to be the artsy part of Curacao and is vibrant with color and life.

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4. Punda – Street Art

The Punda district in Curacao is amazingly photogenic – colorful houses and beautiful street art wherever you look. The district is fairly small, so you can find the most amazing spots by walking around a bit without any hassle.

Make sure to go in the morning, that is the least busy time. This is definitely a place with many Instagram photo spots in Curacao close by each other.

5. Handelskade

The famous row of colorful houses by the water in Curacao, also known as the Handelskade, is another great photo spot in Willemstad. You can get the best shot of the colorful buildings from the floating Queen-Emma-bridge.

6. Floating Queen Emma Bridge

Make sure to arrive early in the day to get a great shot on the floating Queen Emma bridge with no crowds. Later in the day (after 10 a.m. usually) there will be a crowd and you may miss a great opportunity for a nice shot.

7. Shete Boka National Park

On the rougher side of the coast of Curacao you have many amazing photo opportunities. Your best shot at an impressive picture of you with crashing waves in the background is the Shete Boka National Park.

There you’ll find many great photo spots and view platforms along the hike. Make sure to wear good shoes for this adventure!

8. Curacao Rock

This cool, instagram worthy photo spot in Curacao is not actually called Curacao rock. But it is a huge rock with the painting of the Curacao flag on it, in front of the ocean.

You can find this great spot when you are headed towards the Watamula hole, it is right next to the parking space. Bring good shoes, there are plants with thorns on the ground! For directions click here.

9. Christoffel Berg

Hiking the Christoffel berg in Curacao will not only give you a great workout, but also an amazing opportunity for an Instagram pic!

Make sure to bring water, proper shoes and some sunshade for your head before you start the climb. It can be pretty windy on top so no open hairstyles. For more info about the hike click here.

10. Santa Martha Lookout Point – Best Curacao Photo Spot at Sunset

This Curacao photo spot is especially spectacular during sunset. Make sure to arrive early, so you can have a great spot for your shoot. The platform is pretty small, so it is quite crowded during sunset. If you need some help finding this great Instagram spot in Curacao click here for directions.

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Curacao’s Photo Spots on the Beach

It is definitely hard to tell, which one of Curacao’s amazing beaches is the most instagram-worthy of them all. One thing they all have in common, is amazingly blue water and white sandy beaches.

However, some of the beaches have special features that make your Instagram pic even more stunning! If you are looking for a beach all for yourself for your photo shooting, check out this post.

Here are some of my favorite photo spots on Curacao’s beaches:

Curacao Photo Tips

  • Make sure to take your photos either in the morning or the evening. The light gets super harsh during the days, so it can create dark shadows on your face. Also it can be super uncomfortable to stand in the sun and pose.
  • You do not need to show up super early for good photos, most spots are not very crowded (especially in the morning)
  • If you bring a drone make sure to bring filters against the sun and be aware of the wind. Also, you can fly your drone everywhere besides close by the airport
  • It can be pretty windy on the island, so make sure to have your hair in place properly
  • Lastly, if you explore off the beaten tracks, always bring good shoes! There is thorns on the ground everywhere.

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