Daaibooi Beach Curacao: Everything You Need To Know

Are you headed to Daaibooi Beach (or Daaibooibay) in Curacao and are in need of some more info? Then I got you covered!

Daaibooi Beach is a bit of a hidden gem in Curacao. The beach is unknown to most tourists, so you can enjoy the extreme beauty without crowds. It is totally one of our favorite beaches in on the island.

But there are still a few useful things to know before you go there, so I have created this useful guide for you.

Let’s get to it!

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Daaibooi Beach Curacao – Quick Facts

Entrance fee: none

Amenities: Beach bed rental, restaurant, restrooms

Great for: swimming, snorkeling, diving, hiking

How to Get to Daaibooi Beach

To get to Daaibooi Beach from Willemstad, just hop in a car and head west on Weg Naar Westpunt. It’s a straight shot and takes about 40 minutes.

Then, head left on to Weg Naar St. Willibrordus. You’ll pass by the flamingos of Curacao and a beautiful church. Lastly, head to Weg naar Daaibooi for a couple more minutes.

Keep your eyes open for signs pointing to Daaibooi Beach. Once you see them, take the turn and follow the road right to the beach. The drive is pretty easy and the views are great.

There is plenty of free parking available at Daaibooi Beach.

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Snorkeling and Diving at Daaibooi Beach

Snorkeling is great at Daaibooi Beach. The beach is known for its clear, calm waters, which make it great for snorkeling.

It is super beginner-friendly. You can see a lots of colorful fish and coral close to the shore. Stick to the left side of the cliffs for the best experience.

For diving, Daaibooi Beach has some cool stuff to explore. The reefs are not too far out and they have a good diversity of marine life.

It’s not the most famous dive spot on the island, but that’s part of its charm – it’s less crowded. You might spot tropical fish, sea turtles, and different types of coral. The depth is about 20 – 120 ft.

Make sure to bring your own gear, as there is no dive shop at Daaibooibay.

"Aerial shot of a curved coastline with vibrant blue waters and patches of coral reefs visible beneath the surface, surrounded by greenery and a clear sky."

Lodging and Eating at Daaibooi Beach

There are no hotels directly on Daaibooi Beach. If you want to stay close, you can choose to stay in the Coral Luxury Estate in Willibrordus. It is only a 5 minute drive away from the beach.

As for food, there is a small shack on the beach. You can get snacks and drinks there. For a more elaborate meal, I suggest going to the Coral Luxury Estate next door, they have some of the best restaurants in Curacao.

Hiking at Daaibooi Beach

One of the coolest things to do in Daaibooi Beach is hiking. You can follow a small trail on the left side of the cliff.

It will lead you up to the most amazing viewpoints, from there you can see the beach and all the way over to Playa Porto Mari. It is one of the most instagrammable places in Curacao.

Make sure to wear good shoes (we did it in flip flops and hurt ourselves). It is a pretty short hike, but you can explore more along the cliffside if you want.

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Conclusion: Daaibooi Beach Curacao

Daaibooibaai in Curacao is one of my favorite beaches on the island, and for good reason. The beach is still pretty unexplored by tourists, so you’ll have a great experience without any crowds.

Snorkeling, diving and hiking is possible on this stunning beach. While it is privately owned, there is no entrance fee to the beach. You can rent beach chairs and umbrellas for a small charge.

Don’t forget to combine your visit with dinner at the close by Coral Resort. This beach should definitely be on your Curacao itinerary.

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