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15 best restaurants in Curacao you have to visit!

A foodies guide to the chicest restaurants, best seafood places, and most romantic spots for a date night in Curacao.

The cuisine on the Caribbean island of Curacao is, just like it’s population, very diverse and internationally oriented. The Spanish, Dutch, and South American influences on the island resulted in a huge variety of restaurants and food spots to choose from.

Finding a great restaurant for a romantic sunset dinner or an instagrammable brunch in Curacao is far from easy. The endless possibilities of restaurant choices in Curacao can make the task of picking sheer overwhelming. Luckily for you, my partner and I have tried most great restaurants on the island.

A great tip in advance: make reservations as soon as possible. Especially the tables with a sunset view are gone quickly!

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Karakter Curacao – best Curacao romantic dinner restaurant

Karakter Curacao is by far my favorite Curacao dining restaurant spot in Curacao. This place is for many reasons one of the best Curacao restaurants. If you are looking for the most romantic spot for a date night or a special occasion, you simply have to try this place. We went there for our anniversary dinner and we were both in agreement: this was the best restaurant experience we had on the island.

Karakter is a cozy seafront restaurant with possibly the best sunset view of the island. Above all, were lucky enough to be seated right on the sand by the shore, which gave the dinner such a special feeling.

We started our dinner off with the Amuse tasting platter, followed by a shared appetizer of Tuna Tartar on pumpkin, ocra and a savory mango sorbet. Later, for the main dish, we went for the Corn chicken and the Corvina filet. For dessert, we shared a raspberry and chocolate panna cotta.

Each and every one of the dishes was lovingly decorated and cooked to perfection. Simple ingredients combined with each other in a great manner made for an amazing meal. The cocktail selection was extremely wide and even offered some special cocktails that you cannot get anywhere else on the island. Therefore we sampled the Lime Delight, Cucumber Cooler and Peach Bellini.

The staff was extremely friendly and even wrote us a small card congratulating us to our anniversary. The tables are quite far apart from each other, so you don’t have to overhear other people’s conversations and the dinner has an intimate feeling. Overall this was our favorite dinner on the island and I can wholeheartedly recommend this as a great restaurant in Curacao.

Price: $$$

Notes: amazing sunset spot, bring ID (necessary to get into the estate)

Fort Nassau – best Curacao restaurant with a view

A close second place in my Curacao dining restaurant ranking was awarded to Fort Nassau. The historical fort is a pretty unique restaurant, with a 360-degree view of the island. You can see the beautiful capital city of Willemstad from above as the sun sets over the sea.

The restaurant offers fine dining in a chic, renovated historical fort. If you make your reservations early, you can snatch one of the 4 tables that are out on a private terrace, from where you can see the sunset even better and have some more privacy (only tables for two).

We decided to go for the Chef’s menu, where you get served a three-course menu including wine pairing. The dinner started off with a glass of Champagne, followed by a sample of appetizers with the first glass of wine. We both ordered a steak for the main dish (another option was fish). The dessert was, just like the starter, a selection of cute delicacies.

The restaurant staff was super friendly and the location was amazing! We loved the sunset view and seeing the city lights of Willemstad below us. Compared to other places, the food was a bit more expensive. We would still recommend this food experience for every couple traveling to the island, since it is one of the best Curacao restaurants.

Price: $$$$

Notes: Select special sunset view for two option when making reservations, great historical building

Mosa/Cana – special Willemstad dining restaurant

Mosa/Cana is a Spanish-Latin American style fusion restaurant right in the capital city of Willemstad. The restaurant is known for its nice atmosphere and tapas-style dishes. For two people, they recommend ordering 3 to 4 different tapas to share.

They have a great selection of fish, vegetarian and meat dishes as well as different filled tacos. We have opted for the fried calamari, the tuna tartar, pulled pork tacos as well as the sweet potato fried. The dishes are pretty big, so we could not fit in one of the special desserts anymore.

The service is quite good and the atmosphere is really upbeat. However, we sometimes felt like the courses came a bit quickly and we were rushed. The food is a bit pricey but the quality is amazing! Definitely a must-do for all foodies, since it is a pretty unique dining restaurant in Curacao.

Price: $$$

Notes: def. make reservations

Bahia Beach Bar & Restaurant – best Playa Lagun restaurant

Bahia Restaurant in Playa Lagun is definitely one of our favorite food spots in Curacao. The place is slightly more casual than the aforementioned restaurants, but is amazingly romantic in its own way. For me this place is definitely high up on the Curacao best restaurants list.

Playa Lagun is quite the drive from Willemstad, but in my opinion, it is well worth it. The restaurant in Lagun is lovingly decorated with fairy lights and you have an amazing view over the bay and the sunset. Another reason why this is a great Curacao restaurant you need to see are the friendly iguanas that stroll around the premises.

The food is incredibly delicious and comes at a great price point. The service is one of the best on the island because the personnel seems genuinely eager to help you (this is not always like this). My favorite dishes are definitely the Spare Ribs and whatever catch of the day they have. This place is also great as a lunch restaurant, in case you get hungry after a swim.

Price: $

Notes: I recommend making reservations in the evening

Eetcafe de Buurvrouw – special restaurant off the beaten tracks

Eetcafe de Buurvrouw is a super nice restaurant in Curacao off the beaten track. It is located right on the Weg naar Westpunt and inside a huge straw hut. The restaurant is very charming and the service is great!

I recommend eating one of their famous steaks with one of their selected wines. The restaurant is also family-friendly with some children’s menus. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very cozy, sadly there is not really a view. Compared to most restaurants in Curacao, the food at the Buurvrouw is relatively cheap.

Price: $$

Notes: I recommend making reservations in the evening

Saint Tropez Ocean Club Willemstad – great Willemstad restaurant for lunch

Saint Tropez is one of my favorite Curacao restaurants for lunch in the city. Located in the beautiful Pietermaai district of Curacao, Saint Tropez Ocean Club offers a wide selection of food throughout the day. You can lounge by the pool or sit right next to the ocean while you eat your food.

The quality of the food and drinks is amazing and we absolutely love the view. However, I do not recommend this place for dinner, since the atmosphere turns more club-like in the evening. Also, the service is polite but not super warm.

Price: $$

Notes: reservations are not a must, but are recommended in the evening

Mood Beach

Mood beach is a restaurant located on Curacao’s famous Mambo Beach. This restaurant is decorated in boho-chic and is located right on the beach. You can dine right by the ocean or a bit more tucked away in a bigger hut.

Mood beach is especially great for fine dining in a very chic environment. The food is exquisite, but also quite pricey. The location definitely makes up for the price point in my opinion. This is also a great spot for a romantic date night in Curacao or as a first stop before one of the numerous beach parties on Mambo beach.

Price: $$$$

Notes: reservations required

Bij Blauw – best Willemstad restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Bij Blauw is another fabulous restaurant in Willemstad’s famous Pietermaai district. BijBlauw is located right on the ocean and offers great views of the sunset. We have been there for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I have loved all my meals there.

The location is amazing and the service is super friendly. Especially the dinner menu is more in a fine dining manner, and a bit more expensive, but totally worth it. This is definitely a great restaurant in Curacao for all meals!

Price: $$$

Notes: try to make reservations, especially for dinner

Origami – best Sushi restaurant in Curacao

Origami is my favorite sushi restaurant in Curacao. It is located right on the Mambo Beach boulevard, so you have an amazing view of the ocean while you eat. Mondays and Thursdays they offer all-you-can-eat sushi (but it’s fancy, I promise) and they serve it on cute little wooden boats. Definitely a must-visit restaurant on Mambo beach!

Price: $

Notes: no reservations needed, Mondays and Thursdays are all-you-can-eat sushi days

Playa Forti – best seafood restaurant in Curacao

Playa Forti is the place to be if you want to eat authentic seafood. With an amazing view over the ocean and the Playa Forti beach, this restaurant is a true hidden gem in Curacao. The seafood stew is divine and prepared with traditional Caribbean rice and plantains (fried bananas).

Make sure to have a nice cocktail with your meal, they have a great selection at an amazing price. During the evening times, this restaurant is sometimes crowded because of its amazing view of the sunset. The restaurant is super charming and the people there were friendly! Definitely a must-visit if you are in the area.For me, this is the best seafood restaurant in Curacao!

Fun fact: right behind the restaurant is a cliff jumping point, so you can jump 20 m deep into the ocean.

Price: $

Notes: you should definitely make a reservation (around sunset time)

El Mexicano – best Mexican Curacao restaurant

El Mexicano is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Curacao. It is also located right on the Mambo Beach Boulevard and has a great view over the ocean. They serve many different Mexican dishes as well as steaks. My favorite meal there is definitely the Mexican Pasta with a nice fresh pitcher of Sangria.

Price: $$

Notes: try to make a reservation (around sunset time)

Pizza Mare – best Italian restaurant in Curacao

Right next to El Mexicano you can find Pizza Mare Italian restaurant. This restaurant has, in my opinion, the best pizza and pasta in Curacao. Above all, I especially love the German-style Oktoberfest pizza with sausages and french fries. Additionally, the location on Mambo beach makes this restaurant really convenient to visit.

Price: $$

Notes: you do not have to make a reservation

La Lagoon at Acoya Curacao

Acoya Curacao is a big Villa-style resort close by Willemstad. Even if you don’t stay there, the restaurant is a reason to drop by. The kitchen is inspired by the Caribbean-Asian fusion style and super delicious. However, it can be a bit pricey, but the quality is great.

Price: $$$

Notes: no reservations necessary

Kooral Rooftop – best BBQ restaurant Curacao

Kooral Rooftop Restaurant is right above the Karakter Beach Restaurant. The food and the atmosphere are slightly more casual, but the quality is just as good. There are many fabulous seafood dishes to try, such as the flatbread pizza with barracuda! This spot is definitely on my list for favorite seafood restaurant in Curacao.

You can have a great view over the ocean for sunset if you reserve your table early. The vibe there is super special and I can fully recommend going there. Also, make sure to bring an ID-card, because they do check at the entrance to the resort for safety reasons.

They do not only serve seafood but rather all kinds of delicious meat and vegetarian dishes. On certain days you can enjoy live music or eat from they special BBQ. They even have a sushi night!

Price: $$

Notes: make reservations in the evening for sunset spots

Dushi Food – best Curacao delivery app

Last but not least, I wanna introduce you to an app that saved our lives. Dushi food is the food delivery app in Curacao with many of the best Curacao restaurants participating. When we had Covid, we confided ourselves to our bedroom and then we discovered this magnificent app. We had pasta from our favorite restaurant delivered right to our bed! Above all, they know most resorts so you can just give them the room number and they will come to find you! In addition, compared to lots of other places, this is also a cheaper food option than visiting one of the aforementioned Curacao restaurants all the time.

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