About Sabrina

Hi there, I am Sabrina and I am a passionate travel blogger and freelance content creator.

Santorini Girl with pink dress

Have I always wanted to become a travel blogger? Secretly, It has always been my dream. However, my road to actually living my dream and becoming a travel blogger had quite a few unexpected turns in it.

Two years ago I left my career in corporate law in Austria. I moved to the Netherlands to start a new life with my soulmate. I initially planned to live my life very strictly according to social standards. Go to university, find a job, get married, have children and work until you retire! The COVID-19 crisis introduced me to a more fulfilling alternative of living my life. While I was chasing the societal idea of success, I failed to recognize that I was living life merely by default. The first lockdown hit Austria and I suddenly found myself slowed down. I was living a simple and quiet, yet beautiful life with my then long-distance boyfriend.

The time came to return to the office full time and say goodbye to my boyfriend again! The idea filled me with absolute terror. Not long after my first couple of weeks back in the office I decided to quit my job. I moved to the Netherlands to be with my boyfriend permanently. 

Traveling has always been a passion of mine. I have been regularly going on many different trips, usually in Europe, ever since I started University. However, I have never really had the money or the time for bigger (and longer) adventures while working my 9 to 5.

So, I decided to use my newfound freedom to change my career path into a more creative direction. After taking photography and social media management classes I found my passion in creating inspiring content. I love documenting all the beautiful places I am lucky enough to experience. 

“I decided to start living my life by design instead of merely by default.”

Blonde girl in a pink dress sitting on a wall in front of the beautiful town Oia in Santorini

At the same time we discovered the art of slow traveling, which was very much aligned with the new values I started to incorporate into my life. Slow travel is an approach to travel that emphasizes connection to the local people, food, music, culture, and history. We started exploring off the beaten tracks. We spend hours sitting in cafés and watching the scenery, trying local delicacies, and making connections all over the world.

We decided to redefine the idea of Slow Travel according to our preferences and added a little twist of affordable luxury into the mix. In our mind, seeing the world should not only fulfill the soul but rather also bring relaxation to the body. Discovering gorgeous resorts and sipping a pre-flight mimosa is as much part of our ultimate travel experience as a cooking class with locals or a wine tasting experience. Part of my wish of becoming a travel blogger is sharing how to have and enjoy these kind of experiences.

Slow Travel is good for the soul – Luxury Travel is good for the body!

Because of my previous career in corporate law the transition into being a self employed digital nomad came fairly easy to me. I had already acquired a big skill set during these times. I decided to add a diploma in International Management into the mix to have a full rounded education. Slowly, the idea of creating this site and becoming a travel blogger and content creator has been born.

Because of my husbands job as a pilot, I get to travel quite a lot now. We discover many remote and new places together because of his job. My goal is, to create a career while still being able to spend time with him. Becoming a travel blogger and sharing all our experiences does not only satisfy my need for creativity. But it also opens the possibility of spending more quality time with each other.

The goal of this page is not only to introduce to you the pleasure of slow luxury travel. Also, I want to show you how to make the most of your own travel experiences. I love to share my secrets to exploring the world more mindfully, yet luxuriously! Lastly, I hope I will be able to provide useful guides and tips, inspiration and motivation to discover the world in a more meaningful manner! Wanna know more? click here.

xoxo Sabrina