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Are you planning your next tropical vacation and wondering about what would be the best time to visit Curacao? Then you are in the right spot.

It can be so hard planning a vacation when you don’t know the seasons of your dream destination. Will there be hurricanes? Is there a lot of sunshine? What is the most expensive time to go?

Luckily for you, I have spent almost a year in Curacao recently and I know all the ins and outs of the island, and its weather.

Sneak peek: my favorite month to go to Curacao is December.

In this post, I’ll give you a great overview of that would be the best time to go to Curacao!

Let’s get to it!

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My Favorite Time to Go to Curaçao

As I have mentioned before, I have traveled to Curaçao throughout the year, so I know all the seasons perfectly well.

First of all, Curacao is an awesome destination year-round. There is no hurricane season, so you can basically go anytime.

My favorite time to go to Curaçao is December. The rainy season is just dying down, it is not too hot and there are festive decorations everywhere on the island. The weather stays comfortable throughout spring until summer.

The summer months are beautiful as well, but it gets too hot for my taste. Sleeping at night without air conditioning is impossible.

Curaçao between September and November can be a bit rainy and stormy. It is still a good time to go, but some activities might get canceled.

The Seasons in Curaçao

Curaçao doesn’t experience the typical four seasons like many other parts of the world. Instead, the climate can generally be divided into two main seasons: the rainy season and the dry season.

☀️ Dry Season: The dry season lasts from January to September. You’ll experience little rainfall, and it can get pretty hot during the summer months.

🌧️ Wet Season: The wet season in Curaçao lasts from October to December. Rain is typically only for a couple of hours, it won’t disturb your holiday too much.

🌪️ Hurricane Season: Curaçao is located outside the hurricane belt. But during hurricane season (June until November) there can be a couple of thunderstorms.

a beautiful rainbow over mambo beach in curacao during rainy season

Average Temperatures and Rainfall in Curacao

To give you a bit of an overview of the seasons and the average temperatures in Curacao, I have created this helpful chart for you. You can see the average days with rainfall per month and the average temperatures.

MonthAvg Temp (°C)Avg Temp (°F)Avg Rainy Days
Average Temperatures and Rainfall in Curacao
a picture showing the average temperature in Fahrenheit and rainy days in curacao per month for the entire year

Cheapest Time to Visit Curaçao

The cheapest time to visit Curaçao is typically during the off-peak season. This aligns with the island’s wet season (from September to November).

During the fall months, you’ll find lower prices on accommodations and flights. Of course, it depends on what area in Curacao you want to stay in.

Between December and April is the peak tourist season in Curacao. A lot of events are happening and the weather is great.

May until August is shoulder season. Prices are not extremely expensive, you can find good discounts if you look for them.

The most expensive time to go to Curaçao is typically during Dutch school holidays. Since the majority of visitors in Curaçao are from the Netherlands, this can make a big difference.

rain in Curacao over a nice pool with some seasonal decorations

Best Time To Visit Curaçao for Events

A lot is happening in Curaçao throughout the year. From experience, I can tell you that there is no boring time to go to Curaçao.

As I mentioned before, the pre-Christmas times are my favorite time to go. You can enjoy decorations, seasonal activities and even Christmas markets.

Here are a couple of events in Curaçao that you should keep in mind for traveling:

  • Curaçao Carnival (February)
  • KLM Curaçao Marathon (Date not specified)
  • Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival (September)
  • Curaçao International BlueSeas Festival (Date not specified)
  • Amstel Curaçao Race (Date not specified)
  • King’s Day (Koningsdag) (April)
  • Curaçao Pride (Date not specified)
  • Salsa Tour Curaçao (Date not specified)
  • Curaçao Dive Festival (Date not specified)
  • Heineken Regatta Curaçao (Date not specified)
  • Curaçao Fashion Week (Date not specified)
  • Curaçao International Reggae Festival (Date not specified)
  • Fuik Day (January)
  • Dia di Bandera (Flag Day) (July)

Make sure to check the official Curaçao event calendar for up-to-date infos.

Best Time to Visit Curacao For Diving

Overall, you can enjoy scuba diving year-round in Curaçao. However, the dry season (April to November) has the best conditions for diving.

There are a couple of things you should think about when planning a diving holiday in Curacao:

  • Sea temperatures in Curacao are never dropping below 79°F (26°C), so it is pretty stable year round.
  • For witnessing special natural events like coral spawning, the best time is late August to mid-October.
  • The island’s climate is warm and sunny. Easterly trade winds usually make it feel comfortable, except during August and September.
stunning top down shot of playa lagun in Curacao

Best Time to Visit Curaçao For Snorkeling

Weather-wise, Curaçao is awesome for snorkeling all year round. As mentioned before, the dry season is probably the most stable time to go snorkeling in Curacao.

Keep in mind that some of the beautiful snorkel beaches in Curacao can be a bit crowded during peak tourist season. This makes it a bit harder to have a relaxed snorkel.

Luckily, there are lots of deserted beaches far out in the west that are awesome for snorkeling year round.

Day trips to Klein Curacao for snorkeling I would definitely recommend, and they are bookable year-round.

klein curacao boat trips with lots of boats lines up on a white sandy beach

What is The Worst Time to Go to Curaçao?

Luckily, there is no really bad time to go to Curaçao.

My least favorite month to visit Curaçao is September. There are no trade winds, so it can get super hot during the day. Also, rainy season has just begun, so you might get thunderstorms and some showers.

For the rest, I can recommend a trip to Curacao all year round.

Conclusion: Best Time to Visit Curacao

To sum it up, the best time to visit Curaçao is between December and April. Temperatures are just perfect, but sadly it is a bit more expensive.

Rainy season (between September and November) is the cheapest time to go to Curaçao.

If you want to avoid peak season and rainy season, make sure to visit Curaçao in shoulder season (May until August).

Once again, I have to mention that there is no bad time to go to Curacao. The island that has rich UNESCO World Heritage is amazing year-round, and I can totally recommend it.

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What is the rainy season in Curacao?

The rainy season in Curaçao happens from October to December. During these months, there’s more rain than usual. But don’t worry, the rain showers are usually short and won’t spoil your day. The rest of the year, from January to September, is much drier. So, you’ll find Curaçao mostly sunny and warm, great for enjoying the outdoors!

Is there a hurricane season in Curacao?

In Curaçao, there isn’t really a hurricane season like in other Caribbean areas. This is because Curaçao is located outside the main hurricane belt. So, while hurricanes can happen, they’re very rare here. The official Caribbean hurricane season is between June 1 until November 30.

What is the cheapest month to go to Curacao?

The cheapest month to visit Curaçao is typically during the off-peak season, which usually aligns with the island’s wet season. This is generally from September to November. During these months, you’re more likely to find lower prices on flights and accommodations due to less tourist traffic.

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