10 Best Curacao Dive Resorts: From All-Inclusive to Budget

Are you looking for the best Curacao dive resorts? Then you are in the right spot.

Curacao is one of the best diving destinations in the world. With over 70 different dive sites, there is a lot to explore in Curacao.

When looking online for hotels in Curacao, it is easy to get overwhelmed. There is an abundance of nice resorts and dive hotels on offer.

Luckily for you, my husband and I have stayed in many different dive resorts on the island. We spent about 25 weeks in Curacao in total.

To help you make your pick, I have created the ultimate guide to Curacao dive resorts for you!

Let’s dive in!

An aerial shot capturing the serene beauty of a Curacao dive resort, showcasing thatched umbrellas on a pristine sandy beach with crystal-clear turquoise waters inviting exploration.

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Best Curacao Dive Resorts – at a Glance

Best All-Inclusive
sunscape resort in curacao
Sunscape Curacao Resort & Spa
  • 4* Resort
  • Beachfront Property
  • Offers Dive Vacation Packages
  • Own Dive Site
  • All-Inclusive
  • Dive School On Site
Best Budget
Scuba Lodge & Ocean Suites
  • Willemstad Location
  • 4* Boutique Hotel
  • Great Rooms
  • PADI 5-Star IDC Resort
  • Beachfront Property
  • Pool
Best House/Apartments
lagoon ocean resort
Lagoon Ocean Resort
  • Off the Beaten Tracks
  • Amazing Houses & Apartments
  • Affordable
  • Great View
  • Close to Major Dive Sites
  • Dive Shop & School On Site

1. Sunscape Curacao Resort & Spa

4-Star Beachfront Resort, All Inclusive, Family-Friendly, Private Dive Center

Sunscape Curacao Resort & Spa is the first dive resort we have stayed at in Curacao. And we totally loved the experience.

The luxurious All-Inclusive resort did definitely not disappoint: it had a couple of different pools as well as 7 different restaurants you could use free of charge. The rooms are big and modern, and the employees were super friendly.

Sunscape Curacao Resort & Spa has the biggest private resort beach on the entire island. And we appreciated that.

Divers will love Sunscape for a couple of reasons:

  • Sunscape has its own dive school, together with Lion’s Dive Resort
  • Onsite Ocean Encounters Dive Shop
  • Reduced rates in shore-diving experiences for hotel guests
  • Sunscape has its own popular dive site: The Car Pile

2. Scuba Lodge & Ocean Suites Curacao

4-Star Beachfront Boutique Hotel in Willemstad, Private Dive Center

Scuba Lodge is a big favorite among divers in Curacao. It has 28 rooms and 11 suites in beautifully restored buildings. The hotel offers two amazing pools, a restaurant & bar with ocean views, and a cozy coffee shop.

Scuba Lodge is located within in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Willemstad, close to all the attractions​​. In only a few steps you are in the city center.

Divers will definitely love Scuba Lodge, because the PADI 5-Star IDC Resort has experienced, award-winning instructors that are familiar with Curaçao’s underwater world. They offer safe, professional, and fun dive experiences in small groups.

I like that the dive center is catering to divers of all skill levels​– even beginners will find great support here.

3. Lagoon Ocean Resort

Spacious Apartments and Houses in Playa Lagun, Dive Shop & School On Site

Playa Lagun is one of the most popular diving spots in Curacao. It is mostly famous for swimming with sea turtles. It is also my favorite beach on the island.

The Lagoon Ocean Resort consists of a couple of super cute houses and apartments built on the cliff. We have stayed there many times, and I always loved it. Especially the view is amazing.

The top-down view of a peaceful Curacao neighborhood, with rows of terracotta-roofed villas surrounding a communal pool, just steps away from the inviting blue sea, perfect for dive resort visitors.

It is also a convenient place to stay for divers, because in the adjacent building is a diving school and a dive shop.

The resort also has a great restaurant and a pool. All in all, it is also super affordable to stay there.

It is far away from Willemstad, but most amazing dive spots are in the Western part of the island, so Lagoon Ocean Resort is ideal for that.

4. Lion’s Dive Beach Resort

Luxurious 4 * Beach Resort on Mambo Beach, Private Dive Center, Family-friendly

The Lion’s Dive Beach Resort is another fabulous choice for divers in Curacao. It is one of my husband’s favorite hotels, for good reason.

It is located right on Mambo Beach and has all the amenities you could wish for. Spas, restaurants, and pools are awaiting you. It is a great choice for families with kids as well.

Sadly, Lion’s Dive is a bit more on the expensive side. Make sure to plan it into your vacation budget.

Whether you’re new to diving or a seasoned pro, the resort’s on-site diving school, Ocean Encounters, provides an ultimate scuba diving experience

Ocean Encounters is a well-known SSI and PADI Dive Center. They offer a wide variety of trips, tours, and educational courses. Plus, it’s super close to a beautiful house reef!

Overhead view of a luxurious beachfront Lions dive resort in Curacao, with rows of palm-thatched umbrellas on a sandy beach leading to the calm, clear waters of the Caribbean.

5. Acoya Curacao Resort, Villas & Spa

4* Resort Featuring Apartments & Villas, Family Friendly, Private Dive Center

Acoya Curacao Reosrt, Villas & Spa is where we usually stay when we stay for longer times on the island, because their villas have a full kitchen.

Most villas are pretty spacious, modern and have a private small pool. The resort has a couple of pools and some good restaurants.

The biggest downside of Acoya is the location. It is in the middle of a less-than-desirable neighborhood of Curacao, and not located on the beach.

We love that Acoya has rental cars for your disposal, and a pretty big dive center that organizes all kinds of tours and trips.

Acoya is super affordable, and especially great for bigger groups that want to share a villa.

6. Marazul Dive Resort

Oceanside Town-homes & Bungalows

Marazul Dive Resort is a really cool dive resort in Curacao. Imagine waking up in a cozy townhome or bungalow right by the ocean, with palm trees and beautiful views everywhere.

Marazul is perfect for diving – they have a great house reef and are also super close to the famous ‘Alice in Wonderland’ reef.

This dive resort is also a bit farther outside Willemstad (about an hour of driving) but it is super close to all the best dive sites of the island.

It is super affordable, but sadly you do need a rental car to reach it. To be honest, we never mind the drive, because the area there is just so beautiful.

An expansive aerial view of a tranquil residential area in Curacao, perched on a cliff overlooking the azure sea, hinting at the hidden dive spots nearby. You can see the cute houses of the Marazul resort in this picture

7. Coral Estate Luxury Resort

Luxurious Hotel Rooms, Apartments and Villas in Secluded Resort

The Coral Estate Luxury Resort is another one of my favorite diving resorts in Curacao. Just like the previous properties, it is a bit more secluded – but close to the best diving spots.

They have two beautiful house reefs, just meters away from your hotel room. The 5* PADI dive center in the resort offers daily trips to the best dive sites in Curacao, Mushroom Forest and Witches Kitchen.

They also offer hotel packages that include a couple of dives, which is very helpful for budgeting!

My biggest reason why I love this resort are the two famous restaurants: Karakter Curacao and Koraal Rooftop Terrace. They are the best restaurants on the entire island.

8. Kontiki Beach Resort & Luxury Suites

4* Luxury Beachfront Hotel, Luxury Suites and Beach Clubs

Kontiki Beach Resort in Curaçao is a dream resort, especially for divers. Imagine staying in one of their 23 super luxurious suites, each unique but all classy and charming.

Sadly, we haven’t been able to afford staying in one of the suites with the private pool on the terrace overlooking the ocean, but I am definitely obsessed with them.

Kontiki’s Dive Bus offers PADI Discover Scuba Dive for beginners and guided dives for certified divers. The best part? It’s all right off the beach – easy, relaxed, and no need for a boat.

They have everything you need, from rental equipment to a stunning reef across from the dive shop. After your dive, you can chill out and enjoy the fabulous Cabana Beach, my favorite beach club in Curacao.

An aerial shot capturing the serene beauty of a Curacao dive resort, showcasing thatched umbrellas on a pristine sandy beach with crystal-clear turquoise waters inviting exploration. The resort on this picture is the Kontiki Beach Resort & Luxury Suites

9. Baoase Luxury Resort Curacao

5* Luxury Resort, Private Villas in Willemstad

Baoase Luxury Resort in Curaçao is a blend of private villa intimacy and five-star resort luxury – and a great place to stay in Curacao for divers (with a bigger purse).

This hotel has won several awards like the Travelers’ Choice 2022 and being among the top 1% listings on TripAdvisor in 2021. You can expect high-end service in a relaxing atmosphere here.

I would totally rate this as one of the finest resorts in Curacao. Sadly, it is also super expensive (but worth it tbh).

The resort caters to both the romantic and adventurous souls. But what’s super cool for divers is their range of water activities. They offer private boat trips, snorkeling adventures, and diving excursions.

My favorite tours are the West side snorkel safari and the Tugboat snorkel tour. They really show you some of the best Curacao has to offer.

10. Renaissance Wind Creek Curacao Resort

4* Luxury Resort in Willemstad, Beachfront Property in the Middle of the City

Last but not least on my list with Curacao dive resorts is the Renaissance Wind Creek Curacao Resort in the city center of Willemstad.

I love this hotel because it has the only beach in Willemstad (even though it is artificial, it is still awesome). The location is priceless, in only a few steps you are within all major attractions of Willemstad.

The resort is pretty close to some cool diving sites. For the sites farther away, the resort arranges cool trips and excursions for you.

Sadly, they don’t have their own diving center but they are happy to make all the arrangements for you.

A panoramic view of a bustling Curacao cruise port with colorful buildings and a protected cove, highlighting the vibrant atmosphere of a popular dive resort destination. You can also see the artificial beach of the Renaissance Wind Creek Resort in Curacao

Best Areas To Stay in Curacao For Dive Travel

If you are looking for the best area to stay in Curacao for diving, you need to check out the Western part of the island.

You’ll find less fancy Curacao dive resorts there and more apartment or villa rentals – and a couple of great dive resorts.

In this area, you’ll find some of the best dive spots on the island. It is the place to be for adventurers and explorers. My suggestion is to stay either in Playa Lagun, Westpunt or in the Coral Resort.

If you feel like you can’t miss the city vibes, there are still some great dive resorts in the area of Willemstad. As mentioned before, Lion’s Dive Beach Resort and Acoya Curacao Suites and Spa are in that area as well.

An aerial perspective of a picturesque Curacao coastal community, featuring cliffside houses with ocean views, nestled near lush greenery and clear blue waters, ideal for diving enthusiasts.
Playa Lagun

Conclusion: Best Curacao Dive Resorts

In this post, we discussed the most fabulous diving resorts in Curacao. And I have shown you all my favorite places. I have visited these places personally, and I would definitely recommend them for a great vacation.

Visiting Curacao is totally worth it – especially for divers. Stay for at least a week in Curacao and experience all the island has to offer.

While places like Sunscape Curacao Resort & Spa or Baoase Luxury Resort are great places if you are not on a budget, Scuba Lodge and Marazul Dive Resort offer cheaper stays.

Lastly, you’ll want to check out my favorite of the Curacao dive resorts on the island: Lagoon Ocean Resort.

If you want to see more places on the island, make sure to book a boat trip for some more fun. Check out my favorite activities in Curacao as well.

Read about the ideal time to go to Curacao to plan the perfect vacation.

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