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Amazing Boat Trips To Klein Curacao: What You Need To Know!

Are you planning some boat trips to Klein Curacao from Curacao and are in need of some insider information? Then you are in the right spot!

Going to the uninhabited island of Klein Curacao is one of the most popular day trips you can find in Curacao. There are many amazing offers – so it can be hard to choose the perfect one. And once you have booked your tour, there is a lot to know before you go.

Luckily for you, my husband and I have been to Klein Curacao so many times in the past years. We also know most of the tour operators after living on the island for so long.

To make sure you have an awesome day in paradise, we have created this ultimate guide for you!

Let’s get to it!

A wider aerial shot of a boat on the turquoise blue waters near a lush, deserted island, showcasing an ideal location for Klein Curacao boat trips.

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Klein Curacao Boat Trips – Worth The Money?

First of all, I want to quickly discuss if Klein Curacao boat trips are worth the money. They usually cost between USD 120,00 and USD 170,00 – which is not nothing.

We have taken the trip many times now with different companies, and we more or less thought they were worth the money. Some tour providers on the higher end are overpricing the experience, but in general we recommend the experience to any traveler.

Here is what you’ll experience on this day in a nutshell, to help you make the decision:

✔️ Amazing, untouched nature

✔️ Beautiful, pristine beaches

✔️ Great snorkel spots, often sea turtles and octopus are spotted

✔️ Usually breakfast, BBQ lunch and open bar on the boats

✔️ Sunshades and beach beds

✔️ Lighthouse and Shipwrecks

✔️ About 3,5 hours boat time, 5 hours on the island

If this sounds good to you, keep on reading and learn how to plan your perfect day in Klein Curacao. If you would rater have a day trip with more entertainment, check out my other favorite Curacao boat tours.

A couple stands close together on a pristine white sand beach, with crystal-clear turquoise waters gently lapping at their feet, under a bright tropical sun.

1. Choosing The Perfect Tour Provider

My husband and I have tried most tour providers in Curacao during our time on the island. I’ll not bore you with too many options, but rather only show you my favorite one.

I’ll also present a second option for luxury travelers or travelers that get sea sick easily.

❤️ On our latest trip we booked the Klein Curacao day trip with Breeze Adventures on the boat Topcat. We both agreed that this was one of the best tours we have even taken.

Here are some of the reasons why we loved this boat trip to Klein Curacao so much:

💙 The crew was attentive, friendly, fun and extremely engaged with all passengers

💙 There were only about 25 guests on the boat! We loved the small group, it was a great mood and we made many friends

💙 The BBQ was extremely delicious and there was a small dance party for dessert

💙 They provided shades and beach beds as well as ice cold drinks all day. You could also borrow snorkels

💙 Best money/value relation from all Klein Curacao boat tours

An idyllic beach setting with traditional thatched huts and boats docked on the bright turquoise waters, surrounded by sparse greenery.

💔 What we didn’t love: the sea was extremely rough and half the passengers threw up (not us luckily). While the crew was doing an amazing job, I suggest to book a different trip if you have trouble with rough seas.

Alternative tour: the only other tour provider we would recommend is Miss Anne. The tours are a lot more pricey, but the boat is bigger so you won’t mind the waves as much. They also have a bigger house on the island, including massages etc.

2. What To Bring To Klein Curacao

Here is a list of things we recommend you to bring to Klein Curacao on your day trip:

✔️ Beach towels

✔️ Reef friendly sunscreen (most important, the sun is extremely aggressive)

✔️ Water shoes (dead corals make it hard to get in and out of the water)

✔️ Snorkel equipment (maybe also bring UV-protective shirts, my husband got burned!)

✔️ Seasick medicine

Additionally, you can also bring an underwater camera or waterproof phone-case or a drone for awesome pictures from higher up.

the authors husband smiling at the camera, standing on a white sandy beach with a red and white boat in the background, depicting a classic Klein Curacao boat trip scene.

3. Things To Do On Your Day in Klein Curacao

  • Visit the Lighthouse
  • See the Shipwrecks
  • Snorkel With Seaturtles
  • Walk on Klein Beach
  • Jump into the crystal clear water
  • Have a massage (only on Miss Ann Boat Trips)
  • Eat delicious BBQ
  • Take fun pictures


Most tours leave from the Caracasbaai early in the morning (around 07:30) and arrive on Klein Curacao about 1,5 hours later.

Once you arrive, it is time to get settled on a beach bed and put on some more sunscreen. Some tour providers offer breakfast on the island (Miss Ann), others will give you something to eat on the boat before departure (Breeze adventures).

The mornings on Klein Curacao are the best time for exploring, because the sun is not too hot. You can walk all the way to the famous lighthouse and the shipwrecks (about 1,5 hours) or go snorkeling.

stunning aerial shot of the lighthouse on klein curacao island

Lunch: Time for BBQ

As far as I know, all tour providers serve a great BBQ lunch, typically between 12:00 and 13:00.

There is always a great selections for any taste. I loved the spare ribs, the self-made peanut sauce and the fried plantains.

Usually this is also when the bar opens with alcoholic drinks. Don’t drink too much, otherwise you’ll get seasick on the way home!


Most boat trips leave from Klein Curacao pretty early in the day (around 3:00 PM). This means, you’ll have not as much time to explore in the afternoon.

I suggest a snorkel with sea-turtles or a nice swim in the ocean before going back home.

You can also stay on the boat after lunch and have a couple of cocktails! Try some Blue Curacao, if they have it!

At 3:00 PM it is usually time to go back to Curacao.

the author lying on klein beach in klein curacao at a boat trip, amazing shot taken from above

Frequently Asked Questions: Boat Trips To Klein Curacao

How long is the boat ride to Klein Curacao?

The boat ride from Curacao to Klein Curacao takes between 1.5 and 2 hours, depending on the tour company.

Mermaid Boat Trips, Blue Finn Charters and Miss Ann Boat Trips as well as Breeze Adventures offer journeys from Curacao to Klein Curacao in around 1.5 hours. Of course, it depends on the sea conditions.

The ride in the morning is usually a lot more bumpy than the ride back.

How do you get to Klein Island Curacao?

The only way to get to Klein Curacao island is by boat. There are various tour companies offering day trips to Klein Curacao.

You can either book a catamaran trip, a yacht trip or a speedboat trip to the island. Sometimes even overnight trips are offered.

A bright red and white boat is moored off a secluded beach with crystal-clear blue waters, under a clear sky, perfect for Klein Curacao boat trips.

Can you stay in Klein Curacao?

It is not possible to stay in a hotel in Klein Curacao, as there are none. However, some tour providers do offer overnight-tours where you’ll be sleeping on the boat.

It is a great & unique experience. Because there is no light pollution, you’ll be able to see the milky way super clearly.

How far is Klein Curacao from Curacao?

Klein Curaçao is pretty close to Curaçao, only about 15 miles (24 kilometers) away. It’s like a short boat ride, taking about 1.5 to 2 hours to get there. Super easy to visit for a day trip!

As you can see on the map below, the islands are pretty close to each other. But here is the crux: the most eastern part of Curacao is privately owned. This means, that boat trips to Klein Curacao have to take off at Caracasbaai or Santa Barbara Beach, which takes a lot longer.

map showing the location of the island klein curacao with distance to curacao island

Is there cell reception or Wifi on Klein Curacao?

No, there is neither cell reception nor Wifi on Klein Curacao. It is the perfect time to relax and unwind, away from all the distractions.

You’ll still want to bring your phone (as there are most likely your tour tickets) and to take some pictures. Little Curacao has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean (Klein Beach) so make sure to have your phone charged.

Aerial view of a stunning white sand beach bordering clear turquoise waters, with green shrubbery and a few small huts scattered along the shoreline.

Can you go to Klein Curacao from the Cruise Ships?

It is probably not possible to make the start dates for Klein Curacao day tours, unless your cruise ship stays overnight in Curacao.

Most day trips to Klein Curacao take off super early in the morning, far from the cruise port in Willemstad.

If you are looking to go, either book a private powerboat trip to Klein Curacao or head to one of the other fabulous beaches near the cruise port.

Can you go scuba diving in Klein Curacao?

Absolutely! Klein Curaçao is a great spot for scuba diving. The clear waters and rich marine life make it an amazing experience. You can explore coral reefs, see colorful fish, and maybe even spot a sea turtle!

Make sure to book with a tour provider that supports scuba diving and has tanks for rent, as this is not super common.

Conclusion: Boat Trips to Klein Curacao

A boat trip to Klein Curacao from Curacao should definitely be on your bucket list when visiting the island.

Klein Curacao has the best beach in Curacao in my opinion – it is always worth a visit. If you get seasick easily, you might wanna skip this one tho!

There are many tour providers out there, and I think with Breeze Adventures we have found the best one of them all!

I can only recommend to book a tour with them – and bring all the necessary items I listed in this post for the ultimate experience.

If you need more ideas, check out my favorite things to do in Curacao. Read about the best time to visit to Curacao to plan the perfect vacation.

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