Is Alsace Worth Visiting? Totally Honest Review!

The cute Alsatian towns, such as Colmar and Riquewihr are currently all over Instagram. But is Alsace really worth visiting?

Instagram can often be deceiving. So it is no wonder that you want to make sure it lives up to the hype before booking your vacation tickets to the French region.

First of all: yes, Alsace is worth visiting! It is the most charming part of France in my opinion. However, you do need to get your expectations straight before going.

If you want to find out if Alsace is the right fit for you, keep on reading!

A bright, sunny day in an Alsace village, where colorful half-timbered buildings frame a lively square with outdoor café umbrellas, vibrant flowers, and a bicycle leaning against a railing, inviting a leisurely day out.

Why Alsace Is Worth Visiting – In Short

🩵 Picturesque Towns

🩵 Friendly Locals

🩵 Delicious Food

🩵 More Affordable

🩵 Great Wine Area

🩵 Lots of Outdoor Activities

🩵 Interesting Culture & Traditions

🩵 Lovely for Christmas Markets

🩵 Stunning Castles

🩵 Beautiful Mountains

Downsides of Visiting Alsace

There are no true downsides to visiting Alsace. In all honesty, this was one of the best vacations we ever took and we had nothing to complain about.

However, if you go in summer, the crowds might run you over. It is essential that you don’t go there in the main season – and perhaps stay outside of Colmar or Strasbourg.

The area really lacks nothing, so for me, there is no reason not to put Alsace on your travel bucket list (and that means something).

the authors husband on a road trip with his car in front of the vineyards in the Alsace, a spot totally worth visiting

10 Reasons Why Alsace Is Worth Visiting

1. Cute and Instagram-Worthy Towns

Alsace is a region in France that’s famous for its adorable towns.

Imagine walking through streets lined with colorful, fairy-tale houses, and flowers everywhere! Some of the cutest towns there are Colmar, with its charming canals and old-world vibe, and Riquewihr, with its medieval architecture.

Then there’s Eguisheim, a cozy village with winding streets and pretty houses. And don’t forget my favorite town in Alsace: Ribeauvillé.

This is probably the biggest reason why Alsace is worth visiting.

2. Friendly Locals

Honestly, the French are usually not my favorite kind of people when visiting. They usually barely speak English and can be snotty.

But not in Alsace! The region is pretty close to Germany, so most people are super welcoming and friendly.

Especially restaurant staff is great in Alsace – we had so many lovely experiences.

The author and her husband in Little Venice in the alsatian town of Colmar enjoying a sunny day

3. Delicious Alsatian Cuisine

Alsatian cuisine is amazing because it’s a mix of French and German flavors, creating unique and delicious dishes.

It’s famous for hearty meals like choucroute garnie, a scrumptious sauerkraut dish with sausages and other meats. Then there’s tarte flambée, a thin, crispy pizza-like treat with cream, onions, and bacon. (They usually call it Flammkuche)

Of course, there is lots of delicious French cheese and some Kugelhupf for dessert!

Alsatian food is not pretentious, like other French food. And eating out is super cheap!

4. Affordable

Alsace is definitely a lot more affordable than other French regions. We visited the Champagne region right before Alsace, and we spent about 1/3 of the money on the same things.

Especially hotels and restaurants are pretty cheap. Maybe try to avoid Colmar during the main season, other than that Alsace is totally affordable.

My tip for a great hotel deal: check out Ribeauvillé, that village is totally underrated.

cellar spa in a fancy hotel in alsace

5. Great Wine Area

Alsace wine is really special because the region is known for its amazing white wines.

The vineyards are in a beautiful area with rolling hills and lots of sunshine, which is perfect for growing grapes. You can plan a road trip along the Alsace Wine Route.

Some of the most famous wines from Alsace are Riesling, which is crisp and refreshing, and Gewürztraminer, which is aromatic and slightly sweet.

They also make a lovely sparkling wine called Crémant d’Alsace. My favorite wine is the Pinot Gris though.

6. Great For Outdoor Activities

In Alsace, outdoor activities are all about enjoying the stunning landscapes and charming villages.

You can go hiking in the Vosges Mountains, with trails that offer breathtaking views of vineyards and castles. Our favorite trail leads up to three stunning castles, right from the village of Ribeauvillé.

Cycling is popular too, with cool routes along the wine road. For a bit of adventure, try paragliding over the beautiful countryside (not for us though).

In winter, the region is great for skiing and snowshoeing. There is something for everyone, which makes Alsace definitely worth visiting.

Stunning castle haut koenigsburg in Alsace in front of sunny blue sky, totally worth visiting

7. Interesting Culture and Traditions

Alsace has a super interesting culture and is totally different from the rest of France. Because it has such close ties to Germany, the culture is a fun mix of both countries.

They also have some super cute traditions, like celebrating the storks each year. Of course, there are lots of harvest festivals in the fall. And my favorite: cute little Gingerbread men everywhere!

Alsace is a super happy and cheerful place, and the traditions are definitely part of it.

8. Christmas Markets

The Alsace area is internationally known as the Christmas capital – and for good reason. The cute, half-timbered houses are decorated to the brim and sparkly lights pop up all over the towns.

There are beautiful Christmas markets all over the area – so December is definitely an awesome time to visit Alsace.

A festive evening scene in an Alsace town, with traditional half-timbered houses adorned with Christmas decorations and warm lights strung above the street, creating a cozy holiday atmosphere. One of the biggest reasons why Alsace is worth visiting

9. Stunning Castles

In Alsace, you can visit some really cool castles that make you feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale!

One of the most famous is Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, perched high on a hill with amazing views of the surrounding countryside. It’s like a medieval fortress straight out of a storybook. You can also eat a lovely meal there.

Another must-see is Château du Haut-Barr, known as the “Eye of Alsace” because of its stunning panoramic views.

My favorites are in Ribeauvillé. Ribeauvillé is a charming town in Alsace that’s famous for its three castles, known as the Three Castles of Ribeauvillé.

The ancient ruins of a castle in Alsace, standing atop a rugged hill, surrounded by lush green forests, with the remnants of its walls and towers telling tales of a storied past against a clear sky.

10. Beautiful Mountains

The last reason why Alsace is worth visiting is the beautiful mountains.

The mountains in Alsace are part of the Vosges range, which runs along the western side of the region. They’re not super tall, but they’re really beautiful, with rolling hills, dense forests, and lovely valleys.

One of the most popular spots is the Ballons des Vosges Regional Nature Park. It’s a huge area with lots of hiking trails, scenic viewpoints, and pretty lakes. The highest peak in the Vosges is the Grand Ballon, which has amazing views from the top.

In the winter, the mountains are great for skiing and snowboarding, with several ski resorts like Lac Blanc and Le Markstein.

Is Colmar Worth Visiting?

Most people head to Colmar when visiting Alsace. So you are probably wondering if Colmar is worth visiting.

The short answer is: yes, you should definitely hop by there once. Colmar is stunningly beautiful.

But Colmar is also the tourist center of the area, so I would not plan on spending too much time there. Alternatively, check out cute villages like Riquewihr, Ribeauville or Eguisheim.

The smaller villages are more charming and less crowded. But Colmar is definitely extremely beautiful and worth visiting.

Conclusion: Is Alsace Worth Visiting?

To sum it up: yes, Alsace is worth visiting. It is one of my favorite destinations on Europe. Alsace is an awesome spot for a shorter weekend trip or a longer vacation.

Friendly people, charming villages, delicious food, and stunning nature are the biggest reasons why Alsace is worth visiting.

The only downside: Colmar and Strasbourg can get so crowded. Of course, you’ll want to visit Little Venice (or Petite Venise) at least once, but I would focus my attention on other villages for sure.

There is so much to do and see, from the Rhine River to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Alsace is totally worth seeing.

If you are not convinced yet, read up on Champagne or Paris instead.

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