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Cannes Cruise Port – Everything You Need To Know

Are you headed towards Cannes Cruise Port on your Mediterranean cruise and need some help planning your day? Then I got you covered!

The Cannes Cruise Ship Port is quite special – since it mostly services via tender boats. I have just returned from my cruise to Cannes, and I know all about it.

To help you get an overview of the port, the city, and the possible shore excursions, I have created this ultimate guide for you!

Let’s get to it!

cannes cruise port yachts floating around in the deep blue sea

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Cannes Cruise Port – Location

Distance Tender Quay – Le Sequet (Old Town): 500 m (7 min)

Distance Tender Quay – La Croisette: 1000 m (15 min)

The Cannes cruise port is located in the city of Cannes, on the French Riviera. It’s situated in the heart of the city, near the famous Promenade de la Croisette.

The port is used by smaller cruise ships and luxury yachts, as larger ships anchor offshore and tender passengers to the port.

The tender quays are only a couple of steps away from the town center and are filled with restaurants, cafés, and shops.

map showing the location of the cannes cruise port and where tender boats dock

Best Shore Excursions From Cannes Cruise Port

If you just want a quick overview of what you can expect on your shore day at Cannes, you are in the right spot. Here are a couple of ideas on how to fill your day in Cannes:

  1. Explore Cannes by foot with a walking tour (no transportation needed, free)
  2. Take the ferry to Saint Marguerite Island ( around USD 18 pp)
  3. Go to Monaco (train, rental car, or organized tour)
  4. Go to Saint Tropez (ferry, organized tour)
  5. Go to Nice (train, car, organized tour)
  6. Tour the French Riviera

How you choose to spend your day in Cannes is up to your preferences and how much time you have. If the shore day is short, I would opt for a walking tour of Cannes or to see the Island of Saint Marguerite. On a longer day, I would personally book a tour of the French Riviera to see all the highlights.

1. Explore Cannes On Foot With A Walking Tour

This is a very popular option to spend a day from the Cannes Cruise Port. I have written a designated post about my preferred route of walking through Cannes.

Essentially, I suggest the following stops:

  • Le Suquet
  • Eglisé Notre Dame d’Esperance
  • Marche Forvillé
  • Lunch at Rue Saint Antoine
  • IGY Vieux Port de Cannes
  • Palais des Festivals et des Congrès
  • La Croisette de Cannes

This was the option I chose on my first cruise stop to Cannes, and we were super happy with the itinerary. It took us about 4 hours to complete. This option is completely free.

beautiful picture of the deep blue mediterranean sea with cannes cruise port with lots of small yachts floating in the ocean
Credit: Kitty

2. Take The Ferry To Saint Marguerite Island

The ferry to Saint Marguerite Island (Île Sainte-Marguerite) departs from the port of Cannes. It takes off right next to the tender boat quay.

The journey takes about 15 minutes. Prices vary depending on the season, but a round-trip ticket is typically around €18 for adults and €10 for children.

Once on the island, you can explore the Fort Royal, where the Man in the Iron Mask was imprisoned.

The island is also known for its beautiful nature, with marked trails for walking and spots for picnicking. The clear waters around the island are great for swimming and snorkeling.

view from saint marguerite island near cannes with lots of smaller sailboats and yachts in the background and an old cannon in the center of the picture

3. Go to Monaco For The Day

monte carlo yacht port at sunset

Monaco is a stunning country with the beautiful city of Monte Carlo right next to France. You might know it from the Formula 1 race or the fancy casinos.
To get from Cannes to Monaco, you have several options:

Train: The most convenient way is to take a train from Cannes to Monaco. The journey takes about an hour, and trains run frequently throughout the day. The train station in Monaco is Monaco-Monte Carlo.

Rental Car: If you’re driving, take the A8 motorway. The drive takes about an hour, depending on traffic. Monte Carlo is not known for its amazing parking, so I wouldn’t do that.

Private Transfer or Organized Tour: this is my preferred option, the tour provider will make sure that you are back in time for the ship to leave.

4. Go To Saint Tropez

saint tropez street with colorful houses and lots of pink flowers along the way one of the best day trips from cannes cruise port
St Tropez by Sarah Vanheel

Saint-Tropez is famous for several reasons, and you should definitely consider visiting from Cannes cruise port.

Saint-Tropez is known for its stunning beaches, particularly Pampelonne Beach, which is lined with trendy beach clubs and restaurants. The town is also famous for its upscale lifestyle, full of fancy clubs, restaurants, and boutiques.

But the town has still retained its old-world charm with its picturesque old port, cobblestone streets, and pastel-colored houses.

The easiest way to go to Saint Tropez is with a ferry. It takes about 2.5 hours from Cannes cruise port. Alternatively, you can book a shore excursion that will take you there.

5. Go to Nice

To visit Nice from Cannes for a day trip, you can take a train, which is the most convenient option. The journey takes around 30 minutes.

Once in Nice, stroll along the famous Promenade des Anglais, a picturesque walkway along the Mediterranean coast. Explore the colorful Old Town (Vieux Nice) with its narrow streets, cute little markets, and charming cafes.

Don’t miss the chance to climb Castle Hill for some awesome views of the city and the sea. If you have the time, you can check out the Matisse Museum or the Russian Orthodox Cathedral.

stunning view from nice viewpoint over the old post with lots of yachts and some beautiful houses in the harbor

6. Tour the French Riviera

If you can’t decide between all those fabulous options, I suggest you book a guided day tour through the French Riviera. You’ll visit villages like Eze or Villefranche, which are super cute as well.

There are lots of awesome, cruise-friendly tours out there that combine the loveliest spots of the French Riviera from Cannes Cruise Port.

This is slightly more expensive, but if you are not on a budget, I would suggest this option for sure. That way, you get to make the most out of your day on the French Riviera.

Conclusion: Cannes Cruise Port

This post sums up your options from Cannes Cruise Port. As we have learned, this is a tender port, so you’ll end up right in the middle of the old port.

From there, you can either explore the charming town of Cannes on foot or book one of the guided day trips to Monaco, Nice, Saint Tropez, or Eze I suggested.

Of course, you can also organize these tours yourself. I would kinda advise against that, you don’t want to miss your cruise ship in the evening.

I hope you enjoy Cannes Cruise Ship Port as much as I did. Not sure if you’ll love it? Find out if Cannes is Worth Visiting. An Honest Review

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FAQ: Cannes Cruise Port

Can you walk to Cannes from cruise port?

Yes, you can walk to the city of Cannes from the cruise port. The tender quay is about 500 meters from the old town of Cannes. To the Croisette the Cannes, it is about one kilometer of walking.

How do I get from Cannes cruise port to Nice?

The easiest way to get from Cannes cruise port to Nice is with train or bus. Alternatively, you can book a private transfer or a tour that will take you there.

Can cruise ships dock in Cannes?

No, bigger cruise ships can not dock in Cannes. There are a couple of smaller boats that can directly dock in Cannes, but most bigger ships will make use of tender boats.

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