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Lanzarote Cruise Port: How To Spend A Perfect Day in Lanzarote

Are you headed to Lanzarote cruise port and wondering how to spend a day on the island? Then you are in the right spot.

Lanzarote is a beautiful island that is part of the Canary islands. It is a popular destinations for cruise ships year round.

Planning your perfect day from the Lanzarote cruise port can be quite a hassle. There is so much choice in great activities.

Luckily for you, my husband and I just returned from our Lanzarote cruise – and we had the most amazing day.

Keep on reading to find out everything you need about Lanzarote cruise port – and how to plan your perfect day on the island.

Let’s get to it.

"A coastal road in Lanzarote curves gracefully through arid landscape under a sky with scattered clouds, offering a view of distant mountains and the blue sea."

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About the Lanzarote Cruise Port in Arrecife

overview of lanzarote cruise port on google maps marked

As you can see in the Lanzarote Cruise Port Map above, there are three possible spots where your cruise ship might dock.

Arrecife Harbor (New Cruise Port La Boca De Puertos Naos) is the ideal spot. There is a car rental right in front of the terminal and some shops and restaurants. Arrecife is 1 km away.

Cruise Pirs Arrecife and Arrecife Port (Muelle de Los Marmoles Port) are a bit more difficult. There are no amenities whatsoever. From there, you must take a cab or the shuttle bus to reach anything worthwhile. It is about 30 minutes from the city center.

There are paid shuttle services that bring visitors to Arrecife from both terminals. It is too far to walk (30 min), and there is no good walkway. Perhaps you could walk from the Arrecife Harbor Terminal, but I would not recommend it.

I suggest heading to the car rental (marked in blue) and grabbing a rental car for the day. Make sure to reserve in advance, they are incredibly busy on port days. Check out my self-guided day tour schedule below for a great itinerary.

Best Shore Excursions From Lanzarote Cruise Port

Tour to Timanfaya, Jameos del Agua, Cueva de los Verdes (5/5 Stars) – 9 hours

Grand Tour Lanzarote Experience: the footprint of the landscape (5/5 Stars) – 9 hours

Dolphin Watching Cruise to Lobos Island (4/5 Stars) – 5 hours

Self-Guided Day Tour – Best of Lanzarote

We chose to explore Lanzarote by ourselves. We grabbed a rental car at the Lanzarote Cruise Port and explored from there.

This itinerary for one day in Lanzarote will keep you busy for about 5-8 hours, depending on how long you spend in each stop. We had a short day on the island, so we did it in about 5 hours.

Driving is super easy on the island. The streets are in great shape and the island is not too big. I can totally recommend following our 1 day Lanzarote itinerary:

  • TopCar Car Rental
  • Jameos Del Agua
  • Volcano La Corona
  • Mirador del Rio
  • Mirador de el Risco de Famara
  • Teguise
  • Caleta de Famara
  • Charco de los Clicos
  • Arrecife
  • TopCar Car Rental
one day in lanzarote itinerary from lanzarote cruise port

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1. Jameos Del Agua

The luxurious and exotic pool area of Jameos del Agua, Lanzarote, nestled within a volcanic rock formation, with lush vegetation and a single palm tree, under a clear blue sky."

Jameos del Agua is a super cool place, kind of like a natural wonder mixed with art. It’s an amazing first stop on your one day in Lanzarote.

It’s part of a long lava tube formed by a volcanic eruption. What makes it special is how it’s been transformed.

The artist César Manrique turned it into a mix of nature and human creativity. There’s a lake with tiny blind albino crabs. Plus, there’s a concert hall, a restaurant, and a swimming pool, all fitting in with the lava and rock.

My tip: It will take you about an hour to check it out. Make sure to bring some money, there is a small entrance fee.

2. Volcano La Corona

 "A road in Lanzarote leads towards the red-brown slopes of a volcano, set against a dramatic sky with billowing clouds, highlighting the island's stark beauty."

Volcano la Corona is another hidden gem in Lanzarote that you need to see next. It’s an ancient volcano that’s been sleeping for ages.

The cool part? It’s the same volcano that created amazing lava tunnels, including the Jameos del Agua I just told you about.

The landscape around it is incredibly beautiful. You can see some rocky terrain and lots of red and black structures.

My tip: You can simply drive by and enjoy the view or even go on a hike there. Make sure to snap some pictures for Instagram, it is a great spot.

3. Mirador Del Rio

 steep volcanic cliffside at Mirador del Rio, Lanzarote, plunges into the sea with a view of the blue waters and a small boat below under a hazy sky."

Mirador del Rio is another must-visit spot in Lanzarote – I think it was my favorite place on the island. It’s a small viewpoint perched high up on a cliff about 500 meters above sea level.

The view is absolutely stunning! You get to see the Atlantic Ocean, the island of La Graciosa, and other little baby islands.

César Manrique, the same artist who did Jameos del Agua, designed the Mirador. It blends into the environment so well that you might not even notice it at first.

There are two viewing platforms, a museum and a cafe. The view is incredibly amazing, and totally worth the small entrance fee.

My tip: I suggest skipping the café since it gets super full there and getting your daily dose of caffeine on our next stop.

4. Mirador De El Riso De Famara

A breathtaking view from a high vantage point overlooking the long, curved Famara Beach in Lanzarote with turquoise waters, the sandy beach visible through a misty haze under a bright blue sky."

Mirador de El Risco de Famara is another breathtaking spot in Lanzarote. If you’re into dramatic views, you must put this on your one-day in Lanzarote itinerary.

The viewpoint is located on a cliff of the Famara massif. It is this big, rugged mountain range that is so famous.

From this viewpoint, you get to see some seriously stunning sights. You’ll be looking out over the Famara beach, which we’ll be visiting later. The view of the beach with its golden sand and deep blue water is stunning. Plus, on a clear day, you can also see La Graciosa island.

My tip: Getting there is a bit of a hike, but it’s so worth it. The trail can be a bit challenging, but the views make up for it. It’s a bit less known than some other spots, so it is quite the hidden gem.

5. Teguise

The historic Teguise Church in Lanzarote, framed by palm trees and a clear sky, with its iconic bell tower and traditional white-washed walls, as visitors explore the surrounding square

Our next stop is my husband’s favorite place in Lanzarote: Teguise village. It has been voted one of the most scenic villages in Spain.

Teguise has cute, white-washed houses, a lovely town square, and some boutiques and shops. The village is lovely and totally worth visiting.

This is a great place to buy some hand-crafted souvenirs.

My tip: stroll around and check out Jonnie’s bakery for a lovely cappuccino and a sweet delight.

6. Caleta de Famara

A serene view of Famara Beach in Lanzarote with expansive sandy shores and the majestic Risco de Famara cliffs under a partly cloudy sky, with visitors enjoying the vast beach

Our next stop on this one day in Lanzarote itinerary is the Caleta de Famara.

Caleta de Famara is a laid-back, charming little fishing village in Lanzarote. It is famous for its stunning beach. This is one of the most impressive beaches I have ever seen.

Famara Beach is a long, sandy beach that is surrounded by dramatic cliffs. It is amazing for swimming, sunbathing and surfing.

You can take a walk along the beach or have some seafood in the little village. We chose to eat in Arrecife instead, since we wanted a traditional Spanish tapas lunch.

7. Charco de los Clicos

"The luxurious and exotic pool area of Jameos del Agua, Lanzarote, nestled within a volcanic rock formation, with lush vegetation and a single palm tree, under a clear blue sky."

Charco de los Clicos is another cool spot that you need to see when venturing out from Lanzarote cruise port. It’s located near El Golfo, a small fishing village, and is part of the Timanfaya National Park area.

It’s also known as the Green Lagoon. When you see it, you’ll totally get why. The lagoon has this intense green color, thanks to the algae in the water.

The lagoon is set on a black volcanic beach, which makes the green stand out even more. This is a great spot for a picture.

You can’t swim in the lagoon – it’s protected – but the view is stunning. If you have the time, explore the area around it as well.

8. Arrecife

my husband in a white t-shirt and baseball cap stands smiling in front of the scenic Charco de San Ginés lagoon, filled with small boats, in Arrecife, Lanzarote, under a partly cloudy sky.

Before heading to the Lanzarote Cruise Port we decided to check out Arrecife. The area around the marina is the most beautiful.

From there you can venture out on a lovely walk into the Old Town or have a sweet lunch next to all the old fisher boats.

Since most passengers have to be back on the ship for the rest of their Canary island cruise, we are ending our itinerary in Arrecife.

There are so many cute restaurants next to each other, you’ll have plenty of choices. We are Tapas and wine at Salitre and I can recommend it wholeheartedly.

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Conclusion: Lanzarote Cruise Port – Perfect Day in Lanzarote

And there you have it, my whirlwind shore day in Lanzarote straight from the cruise port.

From the surreal area of Jameos del Agua to the sleeping giant that is Volcano del Corona, each stop was a chapter from a storybook.

I gazed in awe at the stunning views from Mirador del Rio and loved exploring the village of Caleta de Famara next to the stunning beach.

Lanzarote was one of my favorite stops on our Canary Island cruise with the MSC Divina. We loved the island just as much as Tenerife, and totally recommend a visit.

FAQ: Lanzarote Cruise Port

Where do cruise ships dock in Lanzarote?

Cruise ships dock in Lanzarote at the Arrecife port, located in the island’s capital city. This port, known as Puerto de los Mármoles, is situated on the east coast of Lanzarote. It’s well-equipped to handle large vessels and is conveniently close to the city center, offering easy access to explore Lanzarote’s stunning landscapes and cultural attractions.

What is there to do in Port of Arrecife?

In the Port of Arrecife, you can stroll along the vibrant seafront promenade, visit the 16th-century Castillo de San Gabriel, or explore the vibrant city center. You can also rent a car and explore amazing viewpoints, stunning beaches, or volcanic terrains.

Is it worth visiting Arrecife?

Absolutely, visiting Arrecife is definitely worth it! It’s a vibrant and colorful city with a unique blend of modern life and rich history. You’ve got gorgeous beaches like El Reducto, historic sites like Castillo de San Gabriel, and a lively city center with shops and cafes. It’s a great place to experience the local culture, try some delicious Spanish and Canarian cuisine, and just soak in the relaxed island vibe. Whether you’re into history, food, or just chilling by the sea, Arrecife has something for everyone.