What Is The Best Time To Visit Champagne Area in France?

Are you wondering about what is the best time to visit the Champagne area in France? Then I got you covered!

We have traveled to France many times, and throughout the seasons. Every season has its upsides and downsides to it, that’s for sure.

It can be hard to decide when to plan your trip to the Champagne if you don’t know the area.

Luckily for you, I know all the ins and outs and have created this useful guide to help you plan your vacation at the best possible time.

A vibrant close-up of grapevines in a Champagne vineyard during harvest season, with leaves turning yellow and ripe, dark grapes ready for picking, under a clear blue sky.

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Best Time To Visit Champagne, France – My Take On It

First of all, I’ll give you my opinion on the best time to travel to the Champagne area. In my opinion, fall is the best time to visit the Champagne – for many reasons.

Fall is the time of the harvest. This means beautiful colored fall foliage and many harvest festivities all around. It is a happy and cheerful season, perfect for a trip to Champagne. Of course, it tends to be more expensive and crowded in the fall as well, which is the downside.

Luckily, there is no bad time to visit the Champagne. It is a great destination year-round, even though the landscape changes a lot and every season has its pros and cons for sure.

Our last trip to Champagne was in spring. Even though it was a bit chilly, we loved the beautiful flowers everywhere.

Summer is the time to go for romantic evening dinners and tastings outside, whereas winter is ideal for a cozy spa and wine getaway.

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Visiting the Champagne Region in Spring

Pros: beautiful flowers, less crowds, affordable

Cons: Some restaurants & wineries might be closed, the weather is unpredictable, less events

Visiting the Champagne region during spring offers a unique glimpse into the heart of France’s most famous wine-producing area.

As winter fades, the region comes alive with the first signs of vine growth, signaling the start of a new cycle for the vineyards.

Springtime sees fewer tourists, making it an ideal period for those looking to explore the area without the crowds. This season allows for more intimate visits to wineries as well. You can learn directly from producers about the process of making Champagne. Sadly, this means some restaurants are closed still.

The weather is comfortably cool, perfect for tours through the cities of Reims and Epernay. It might rain a little, so make sure to book a hotel with a spa for a rainy day.

We visited Champagne region at the end of April and absolutely loved it.

Weather in Champagne in Spring

MonthAverage TemperatureDaily HighsDaily LowsAverage Sunshine DaysAverage Rainy Days
March8°C (46°F)13°C (55°F)3°C (37°F)1512
April11°C (52°F)16°C (61°F)6°C (43°F)1814
May15°C (59°F)20°C (68°F)10°C (50°F)2015
Champagne in Spring Weather

Visiting the Champagne Region in the Summer

Pros: beautiful weather, great for outdoor activities, all restaurants and wineries are open, lots of festivities

Cons: more expensive, more crowds, can get hot

Visiting Champagne in summer is a vibrant affair, as the region basks in the full glory of the sun, making those vineyards practically glow.

With temperatures ranging from warm to hot, the weather is perfect for exploring. What I love the most about this season is sitting outdoors and dining in the warm evening sun.

Summer is when Champagne really comes alive, with the vines lush and green, stretching as far as the eye can see. The longer days mean more time to wander through historic towns, taste the sparkling wine right where it’s made, and dive into the local culture.

Summer also brings a flurry of festivals and events, celebrating everything from the wine itself to the rich heritage of the area.

While it’s the peak season for tourists, there’s a reason for that: outdoor dining, vibrant markets, and the chance to see the vineyards in their prime. Just be ready for some company as you explore, and consider booking tours and tastings in advance to secure your spot.

Weather in Champagne in Summer

MonthAverage TemperatureDaily HighsDaily LowsAverage Sunshine DaysAverage Rainy Days
June18°C (64°F)23°C (73°F)13°C (55°F)2010
July20°C (68°F)26°C (79°F)15°C (59°F)219
August20°C (68°F)25°C (77°F)14°C (57°F)2110
Weather in Champagne in Summer

Visiting the Champagne Region in the Fall

Pros: harvest festivals, beautiful fall foliage, lots of activities

Cons: more expensive, more crowds, weather can be dreary

Fall in Champagne is like nothing you have ever seen. The vineyards transform with hues of gold, orange, and red, showing the first signs of the harvest season.

Late September through November, is a special time to visit. The weather cools down, making it perfect for cozying up in local wineries with a glass of bubbly.

The harvest, or “vendange,” is the highlight of Champagne in the fall. You can sometimes even participate in the harvest activities, which is so much fun.

After all the harvesting is done, the atmosphere in the region is festive, with many events celebrating the year’s yield.

The cooler weather also brings with it a shift to heartier local cuisine. As usual, the food is perfectly complemented by the region’s sparkling wines.

With fewer tourists than in summer, you can enjoy a more laid-back visit. It is still busier than spring or winter, so expect slightly higher prices. In my opinion, it is well worth it.

Weather in Champagne in the Fall

MonthAverage TemperatureDaily HighsDaily LowsAverage Sunshine DaysAverage Rainy Days
September16°C (61°F)21°C (70°F)11°C (52°F)1810
October11°C (52°F)15°C (59°F)7°C (45°F)1511
November6°C (43°F)10°C (50°F)3°C (37°F)1012
Weather in Champagne in the Fall
A peaceful street scene in a small town in the Champagne region during fall, showcasing golden autumn leaves in the foreground and a historic stone church with a spire in the background.

Visiting the Champagne Region in Winter

Pros: very affordable, cozy, quiet

Cons: little activity, some things might be closed, cold weather

Winter in the Champagne region is a special time. The vineyards are wrapped in a quiet, frosty embrace, offering a different kind of beauty compared to the rest of the year.

It’s a time when the tourist crowds thin out, giving you a more intimate experience. Temperatures are perfect for cozying up in wine cellars and tasting rooms or even the hotel spa.

Champagne in winter is great because many producers have more time to engage with visitors. The region’s towns, like Reims and Épernay, shine with holiday lights and markets. Why not visit Champagne before Christmas?

It’s a season for slowing down, savoring the moment, and discovering the depth of Champagne’s culture and traditions. But keep in mind, that many restaurants close for the season.

If you are traveling on a budget, this is the best time to go to Champagne.

Weather in Champagne France in Winter

MonthAverage TemperatureDaily HighsDaily LowsAverage Sunshine DaysAverage Rainy Days
December4°C (39°F)7°C (45°F)1°C (34°F)115
January3°C (37°F)6°C (43°F)0°C (32°F)216
February4°C (39°F)7°C (45°F)0°C (32°F)314
Weather in Champagne in Winter

What Is The Cheapest Time to Visit Champagne France?

The cheapest time to visit the Champagne region in France is during the low season. The low season falls around November to March.

During these months, you can find some pretty good deals on wine-tasting tours, hotels, and restaurants. Keep in mind that some places might close down for the season.

The most expensive month to visit the Champagne region in France is typically August. Also, the summer months leading up to August are pretty expensive, so I would avoid this period if you are on a budget.

Spring is a great time to visit if you want to combine affordable prices with slightly warmer weather.

How Many Days Do You Need in the Champagne Region?

I suggest visiting the Champagne region for at least 3 full days. Of course, you can get a pretty good idea of the region in a day trip from Paris but there is so much more to see.

My favorite part about the Champagne is the beautiful small restaurants, the charming family-owned wineries, and the nice landscape. It will take you a couple of days to slowly explore the region and relax. This is not a trip you’ll want to rush.

I would not spend more than 5 days in Champagne though. That is about the time frame you’ll need to see all of it, at a really slow pace.

I have created a lovely itinerary for the Champagne region that you can do on a long weekend. This will give you a good idea of what you can do in the area.

Best Time To Visit Champagne France For Festivities

  • La Route du Champagne en Fête: This is a special event that happens annually. It is a festive, musical, and gastronomic walk through the Champagne region. The event is scheduled for 20 and 21 July 2024 and will be hosted in the Côte des Bar, across various villages. It’s a wonderful opportunity to taste different champagnes, visit cellars, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere enhanced by decorations and street musicians.
  • Habits de Lumière: Towards the end of the year, Epernay becomes the stage for the Habits de Lumière festival, an artistic and colorful light festival.
  • Christmas Markets: From the end of November through December, the Champagne region has lots of Christmas markets that will get you into the mood for the best time of the year.
  • The “Vendanges en Fête” or “Harvest Festival,” is a celebration of the harvest but also a cultural event with tastings, tours, and sometimes music and dancing in the vineyards. The dates vary each year, so check the official tourism website.

Conclusion: Best Time To Visit Champagne France

The best time to visit the Champagne in France is typically in the fall. You’ll get to experience harvest season and the beautiful fall foliage. It is a bit less busy than summer, but still not deserted.

Spring is also a great time to visit Champagne. There are beautiful blossoms everywhere and you can get some pretty good deals on accommodation and tastings.

Go to Champagne in winter if you are on a budget or are looking for a romantic winter getaway.

If you don’t mind the crowds and the budget, go in the summer. There are festivities, you can sit outside and the area is brimming with activity. It is also the most expensive time to visit Champagne.

I hope this guide gave you a good overview of the best time to visit Champagne, France. If you want to see more of France, keep on reading if Paris is worth it and what to do in the Alsace region.

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