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10 Amazing Santorini Instagram Spots Without Crowds

Are you looking for the best Santorini Instagram Spots without all the crowds? Then I got you covered!

Probably no island in this world has been more often targeted by aspiring photographers and influencers than Santorini.

Finding great scenery for beautiful pictures is easy, finding a good photo spot without masses of people in the background is hard.

I have been to Santorini many times in the past years, and I have found the best photo spots in Santorini without crowds.

Let’s get to it!

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1. Megalochori

The small village of Megalochori is in my opinion the best Instagram spot in Santorini to get the famous pictures with the cute white houses, pink flowers, and blue domes.

The scenery looks stunning and just like in the famous village of Oia, except that there are barely any people there.

One of the biggest perks of shooting in Megalochori is, that there is no need to arrive early. You can pretty much shoot during the entire day without being disrupted.

Here are some great photo spots in Megalochori that you should check out:

Six Bells Church

One of the best Instagram photo spots in Santorini is the Six Bells Church in Megalochori.

They have a similar bell tower in the famous town of Oia, but you’ll never have that spot all to yourself.

Head to Megalochori instead – for a way more fun and relaxed photo shoot.

Blue Door with Pink Bougainvillea in Megalochori

Only steps away from the cute Six Bells Church in Megalochori is a cute blue door of a whitewashed house.

The pink bougainvillea in the background will provide a great backdrop for your perfect Santorini picture.

Blue Dome Church in Megalochori

Right before you arrive at the Six Bells Church in Megalochori, you can walk up some steps.

The staircase will lead you up to a fabulous Blue Dome Church.

This Instagram Santorini Spot is super secret – we have been there many times and have never encountered another soul.

2. Pyrgos – Castle Pyrgos Kallisitis

The town Pyrgos is nestled around the highest point of the island, Mount Profitis Ilias.

Hiking up to the castle Pyrgos Kallistis gives you plenty of opportunities to take a picture of the white houses with a stunning view in the background.

On top of the hill, you will not only find a beautiful church with a blue dome but also picturesque small alleys and plenty of scenic viewpoints.

While you are in Pyrgos, you might want to grab dinner at Pyrgos Restaurant. The restaurant is also known as a wedding location and has an amazing sunset view.

There are plenty of great spots in and around the restaurant to take pretty pictures of the sunset over the Caldera.

3. The Highest Point Santorini – Mount Profitis Ilias

Right behind the village of Pyrgos, heading southeast, a small road takes you up the mountain from where you can enjoy the most stunning view of the entire island of Santorini and the sunset.

The drive is leading up narrow and winding roads with steep drop-offs on the side.

Drive up there for sunset and enjoy the most amazing spectacle as the sun sets behind the Caldera. It can be pretty windy up there, so I suggest a more robust hairstyle for your shooting.

On top of the mountain, you can also find the famous Monastery of Profitis Ilias, which can also provide a stunning backdrop for your photo session.

The best thing about it: you will have this amazing Santorini Instagram Spot all for yourself.

profitis ilias sunset

4. Ruins Castle Agios Nikolaos in Oia

While the famous lookout point of the castle Agios Nikolaos in Oia is a very well-known and heavily frequented Santorini Instagram photo spot, the true gem of peace and quiet lies right below it. This is one of the best photo spots in Oia.

A small walk down a couple of stairs leads you to the ruins of the castle, from where you can take stunning pictures without having to fight for a spot with all the other tourists.

The castle was built by the Venetians as a watchtower for pirates. It therefore offers a great view of the village of Oia as well as the blue ocean and the Ammoudi Bay beneath.

If you wish to come here for sunset, make sure to be a bit early.

While many people miss this spot, there is not a whole lot of space in the ruins to find a good spot.

5. Kastro Oia Houses

Kastro Oia Houses pose a very nice contrast with their bright orange coloring to the numerous white facades of the town of Oia.

This is one of the more well-known photo spots for Instagram in Santorini, so you need to be savvy when planning your visit.

Pro tip: go there very early in the morning. Otherwise, the town is crawling with people and you will have to stand in line to get a great shot.

During my first visit there, some of the surrounding estates a bit up the hill had beautiful pink flowers planted on their terraces.

This made for a stunning contrast with the orange houses. Make sure to check the surroundings, especially above, to get a truly unique shot.

6. Red Beach – Kokkini Paralia in Akrotiri

The Red Beach near the village Akrotiri is famous for its red-hued volcanic sand and is an amazing backdrop for a unique Santorini Instagram picture.

Even better than taking pictures on the beach is taking them from afar on a Catamaran Cruise. The beach is also one of Santorini’s best Snorkeling Spots.

The beach itself is nestled in between high, red-hued cliffs, which makes the pictures even more stunning. Sadly, it can get very crowded on the beach itself.

So taking the picture from a distance is probably a safe bet.

7. Fira to Imerovigli Hike

Try to venture out on your own and hike the 2 km long path from the capital city of Fira to Imerovigli alongside the Caldera. You will discover plenty of great viewpoints that are worth a picture.

The hike will take you about 30 minutes. Additionally, you can include the Rock of Skaros as an impressive backdrop for your pictures.

The walk is lined with cobblestones and can be very uneven at times. So walking in high heels is not a great option.

The big hikers amongst us can continue the walk all the way to the village of Oia. This walk is roughly 10 km long and very tranquil since not many people embark on this journey.

This hike will probably produce the most unique pictures since everyone’s attention is being grabbed by different places and spots.

Make sure to keep your eye open for the most amazing Instagram photo spots in Santorini.

8. Catholic Cathedral

While everyone is obsessed with the Blue Dome Churches in Oia, I have a better photo spot in Santorini for you.

The Catholic Cathedral in Fira is just as beautiful – and a lot less crowded.

The Catholic Cathedral is located in the Center of Fira, you can hardly miss it. This is one of the best photo locations in Santorini.

author next to a beautiful blue domed church in santorini

9. Sunset on Horseback in Santorini

A great place for photo-shooting at sunset in Santorini is on horseback.

There are quite a few tour providers that offer guided horseback rides, including some Instagram-worthy pictures.

This is a one-of-a-kind experience in Santorini – and you can enjoy the ride without all the crowds.

author and her husband riding horses in santorini at sunset for an instagram picture

10. Private Hotel Terraces

If you want to take great sunset shots cliff-side I can only recommend getting a hotel room with a private terrace.

It is nearly impossible to take a great shot from the public streets. Unless you book a very expensive hotel room, your terrace will most likely be very close to the public walking path. Therefore they feel less private.

A good option is to split your stay and spend only one or two nights in Oia for the spectacle. Then retreat to a more private and tranquil (and less overpriced) spot somewhere else on the island.

If you want to avoid the steep prices of Oia altogether, try the area of Megalochori on the cliff. From there, you have a stunning view of the sunset over the Caldera.

We booked the Honeymoon Suite at Azanti Suites – and we could have not wished for a better Instagram Photo Spot.

Instagram-Photo Tips for Santorini

Make sure to shoot during the morning or evening hours. The light during the day can be pretty harsh and will most likely produce dark shadows on your face.

Not only the lights but also the wind is pretty harsh in Santorini. In order to avoid messy chaos on your head, style your hair in a windproof way.

Try to bring a second, more comfy pair of shoes on your shoot. While high heels look nice in pictures, all the cobblestone roads will kill your feet. Thank me later!

Lastly, do not try to climb on private property. A lot of the famous pictures on Instagram were taken on top of churches or private property. I do not condone that and find it very disrespectful towards the locals. There are plenty of beautiful Instagram photo spots in Santorini that do not involve trespassing.

If you really do want the exact same picture as seen on Instagram, try either booking a hotel or AirBnB with access.

Or book a Photoshoot with a local photographer, they usually also have access to some private shooting points.

If you are looking for the famous Santorini flying dress photo shoots, you can book them here.

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Conclusion: Santorini Instagram Spots Without Crowds

In this post, I have discussed many amazing Santorini Instagram Spots without any crowds.

Despite all the masses of people on the island, I would still say that it is worth it to visit Santorini.

There are quite a few things you need to know before you get to Santorini, and how to avoid the crowds is one of them.

There are many quality excursions and things you can do on the island, such as a Santorini wine tasting.

Move off the beaten tracks and avoid Oia at peak times, or when there is a cruise ship in Santorini.

In that case, you can enjoy many great Instagram photo spots in Santorini without any other people.

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FAQ: Santorini Instagram Spots

Where are the Instagram spots in Santorini?

Oia Village is a must for its iconic blue domes and sunsets. Fira gives you panoramic island views that’ll wow your followers. Red Beach offers a unique, colorful backdrop. Amoudi Bay has a cute port vibe, perfect for foodie shots. Skaros Rock is for the adventurers. Caldera viewpoints are a wide-angle dream. Don’t forget the windmills in Oia for that classic Santorini feel.

What are the pink flowers in Santorini called?

The pink flowers you see in Santorini are often Bougainvillea. They add pops of color to those famous white-washed buildings. Super Instagrammable and they’re pretty much everywhere on the island. Perfect for a floral touch in your photos!