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Discover the most romantic beachfront restaurants in Aruba

Aruba is a beautiful island located in the Caribbean Sea and part of the Dutch Antilles. Aruba is mainly famous for it’s flamingos and white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. But Aruba has so much more to offer – one of these things being amazing restaurants. Since my trip to Aruba with my husband was my wedding present to him, I made it my mission to find the most romantic beachfront restaurants in Aruba! Now that we enjoyed them it is time to share the secrets on the most romantic Aruba restaurants (as well as the famous Aruba restaurant IN the water).

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Most romantic beachfront restaurant in Aruba – Pure Ocean

Pure Ocean restaurant in Palm Beach, Aruba is definitely my favorite restaurant on the island. It is part of the Divi Phoenix Resort that we stayed at – and it was absolutely divine. The cute restaurant is located right on the beach and you are sitting either in the sand right by the shore or a bit further inside the beautiful open restaurant space.

Among other reasons, this was our favorite beachfront restaurant in Aruba for a romantic date because the location is super private. There are only a few tables – and both sides of the restaurant are covered in beach without any buildings or people. The ceiling is lit up with fairy lights, which makes the experience extra romantic.

The service is absolutely great and the food as well as the wine was lovely. The menu is nicely diverse and there is something for everyone. We are seafood and steak and a cake for dessert, paired with an excellent red wine.

Admittedly, the experience was a bit pricey but all restaurants in Aruba on the beach are. Make sure to make a reservation beforehand because it is mostly fully booked. I can definitely recommend this restaurant as a super romantic dinner spot in Aruba.

For reservations head over here.

Best authentic seafood – Marina Pirata, Savaneta

This restaurant is a super secret tip for everyone looking for an authentic seafood restaurant in Aruba directly on the water – and super non-touristic! We discovered this place via our AirBnB host, and it is such a hidden gem! Marina Pirata in Savaneta is without doubt the best seafood restaurant in Aruba!

We ate delicious fish of the day and drank the authentic beer of Aruba, the Balashi, at Marina Pirata. The restaurant is located right on the waterfront and you can see the fisher-boats come and go in the marina. The atmosphere is absolutely lovely and the restaurant is pretty low-key compared to other Aruba hotspots.

The service personnel was super sweet and attentive and we really enjoyed our dinner there. My husband rated Marina Pirata as his favorite seafood restaurant in Aruba. Learn more over here.

Aruba beachfront restaurant IN the water – the flying Fishbone

I would not believe it if I hadn’t seen it for myself – there is an actual restaurant IN the water in Aruba. The flying Fishbone is not only famous for it’s amazing seafood – but it is also famous as the only restaurant in Aruba IN the water. For people who are not comfortable with having wet feet while eating – not to worry, you can also sit on the shore!

The flying Fishbone restaurant in Aruba is also located in Savaneta and a bit off the beaten tracks. However, this is truly a hotspot and open tables there are a rare commodity, so make sure to make a reservation.

We are delicious fish and mussels there and had some fun cocktails – a half margarita, half Balashi beer! This place is definitely something else, and a super romantic but also fun restaurant you need to check out in Aruba. For reservations at the only restaurant in Aruba in the water head over here.

Best restaurant on Eagle Beach – Ricardo’s

Ricardo’s is our favorite beachfront restaurant on Arubas Eagle beach. It is part of the Aruba Beach Club resort and is a super romantic beachfront restaurant. They serve delicious Italian food and the cakes are to die for! Also the cocktails are pretty great – I loved the Margarita with chili flakes on the glass!

Ricardo’s is kind of an anytime restaurant in Aruba. It is open from 08:00 am until late at night. So you can have a great meal in a romantic spot anytime of the day. The atmosphere is super beautiful! We would rate it as one of the best beachfront restaurants on Eagle Beach for sure! For reservations head over here.

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