7 Best Restaurants in Pyrgos, Santorini

Looking for the best restaurants in Pyrgos, Santorini? Then I got you covered!

The possibilities of going out for dinner or lunch in Santorini are endless. Especially in the famous white house towns Oia and Imerovigli, there are possibly more restaurants than residential houses.

Sadly, these places tend to be very touristy and you usually pay for the location – not for the quality of food.

Making the trip to Pyrgos for dinner will not only give you an amazing view over the island but also better food for less money!

My husband and I stayed in Pyrgos many times, and it is by far my favorite place to eat in Santorini.

To help you have a great experience as well, I have compiled a list of my favorite restaurants in Pyrgos, Santorini.

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1. Restaurant Pyrgos

Restaurant Pyrgos in the small village of Pyrgos (who would have thought) does not only serve absolutely delicious food but also has a stunning view over the Caldera.

Going around sunset time will give you an amazing outlook while you enjoy your food. The restaurant is chic and decorated in a modern, luxurious island style. If you are looking for an amazing Pyrgos restaurant with a view – look no further!

The service in this restaurant is outstanding – and so is the food. To quote the restaurant’s homepage, the food is inspired “by the love and the sun”.

Who needs anything more than that in life? The menu offers a great selection of fish, meat, and regional dishes alongside a great wine selection with local Santorini wines. Make sure to order one of the amazing desserts alongside a glass of typical Greek liquor for the ultimate Santorini food experience.

The quality of the food is outstanding – and the prices do reflect that. In my opinion, it is 100 % worth the visit and one of my favorite Santorini restaurants for luxurious dining and for a Santorini restaurant with a view.

2. Penelope’s – Hidden Gem Restaurant in Pyrgos

Penelopes is a very small traditional Greek restaurant that you can find on your hike towards the castle of Pyrgos. We learned about this little gem from a local, who promised us the best Tsatsiki on the island. He did not promise too much, the dish was an absolute delight and the view over the island from the terrace was amazing.

The entire menu is made up of traditional Greek cuisine. Every dish we have tried there was absolutely to die for. We had traditional Tsatsiki, octopus, baked feta, and other local delights.

Not only was the food and the view great – but also the prices of the food were stunningly low. Compared to other restaurants in the more famous areas the food was a bargain. We can absolutely recommend checking out this gem of a restaurant.

This place ranked especially high on my list because it was completely quiet and we could actually eat in peace while enjoying the view. This is definitely a must-visit Pyrgos restaurant off the beaten track.

3. Traditional Greek Taverna Mythos

For an authentic Greek dining experience, you have to visit one of the sweet and traditional taverns on the island. The atmosphere is much more relaxed and authentic than in any of the touristy, stuffy places around the island.

Our favorite Tavern is located in the village of Pyrgos and is called Taverna Mythos. To be fair, we did not understand most of the items on the menu (they were mostly traditional Greek), but everything we ordered was simply delicious.

Most importantly we loved the live music, the kind restaurant staff, and the happy atmosphere in the Tavern Mythos. The owner of the restaurant came to our table personally to invite us to an event with live music and brought us some watermelon free of charge.

The event was truly lovely, most people at the restaurant got caught up in the cheerful vibe, so everyone happily clapped alongside the music. This kind of wholesome experience can never be bought with money, not even in the most expensive place in Oia that charges you the cost of an entire vacation just for dinner.

4. Franco’s Cafe Pyrgos

Franco’s Cafe is located right next to the Castelli Pyrgos and has an amazing view over the entire island. they serve Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, at a fabulous price.

The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, and the food is delicious.

The restaurant is nice for a delicious lunch after exploring the castle of Pyrgos but has an even better atmosphere in the evening during sunset. Make sure to enjoy a refreshing cocktail with an incredible view over the island.

Make your reservations in advance if you wish to dine during sunset, it can get quite busy.

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5. Brusco Wine Coffee Deli

Brusco Wine Coffee Deli needs to be on every “best restaurant in Pyrgos” list. The terrace outside of the small restaurant is sweetly decorated and full of Mediterranean charm.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And of course, they serve delicious, traditional Santorini wine.

Make sure to try the pancakes with Nutella and fresh fruit – they are to die for.

6. Cava Alta Mediterranean Cuisine

Cava Alta is for good reason one of my favorite restaurants in Pyrgos.

It is also located right next to the castle of Pyrgos on the hill, so the view over the island is amazing. The restaurant is small and extremely charming.

The staff is super friendly and they serve delicious Greek and Mediterranean food.

Fun fact: the restaurant is located in an old cave winery. Make sure to also try the Yellow Donkey beer, which is made on the island of Santorini itself.

7. Bonus tip: Olio in Megalochori

Olio is not exactly located in Pyrgos but super close by, so I could not help but include it in this list. Pasta lovers dreams will definitely come true at Restaurant Olio in Megalochori. In the very picturesque town square, you can find this beautiful restaurant.

The atmosphere in this place is quite different from all the rushed places with a view over the Caldera. A true hidden gem amongst all the Santorini restaurants.

You can enjoy a lovely and quiet, romantic meal in the charming little town to the fullest without being disrupted by masses of people. Also, there was never a rush to finish our meal, plenty of places in Santorini do back-to-back reservations and need you to be out in time for the next guests.

In our opinion, the restaurant has probably the most unique and therefore best food on the island. The pasta in traditional wine sauce was mind-blowingly good – so good that we had no choice but to return the next day and eat it again. The restaurant combines fine dining with traditional dishes and the portion sizes are more than enough.

Make sure to start your meal with a plank of traditional Greek sauces and spreads with some freshly baked bread or some traditional Greek Tsatsiki.

The dessert menu features a nice selection of traditional Greek desserts, such as Baklava accompanied by liqueur and dessert wine.

Wrap-Up Best Restaurants in Pyrgos, Santorini

If you go to Santorini, you absolutely need to check out Pyrgos at least once for a delicious meal with a lovely view.

The restaurants in Pyrgos offer top-notch service at a much lower price point. The food is amazing in all of the restaurants I suggested! As an added bonus, there are far fewer crowds than in the main cities of the island.

If you are looking for a special place for a celebratory dinner or an occasion, make sure to book at restaurant Pyrgos.

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