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Is Malta Worth Visiting in 2024? Honest Review

Are you wondering if Malta is worth visiting? I have got the answer for you, and it is a wholehearted YES – Malta is worth visiting in 2024!

Slow travelers, couples, and adventure travelers will find themselves drawn to Malta for many different reasons. Even families love Malta – for several reasons. I have just returned from Malta, and totally loved it.

The small island is located between Sicily and North Africa- and has an interesting mix of cultures to show for it. It offers not only the most stunning turquoise water in all of Europe but we also know it for its high density of cultural sights.

Many people know Malta for being the backdrop of the famous TV show Game of Thrones. Apart from that, many other movies, such as Popeye, Gladiator and Wold War Z play in Malta. Not convinced yet?

I have created a list with 17 reasons why I loved traveling to Malta, and the things I did not like as much.

Let’s get to it!

azure window in malta

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Why Malta is Worth Visiting

If you just want my quick opinion on Malta, you are in the right spot. I wholeheartedly loved my trip to Malta, and the upsides totally made up for the very few downsides of the island. Malta is for me a 9/10, and here is why!

There were a couple of things that bugged me a little in Malta for sure. The weather in August was pretty unbearable. Traffic and driving were also a bit of a mess sometimes. But that’s as far as the downsides of visiting Malta go.

Stunningly blue waters, amazing landscapes, and a super interesting history totally made up for the very minor downsides. The Maltese food is great, the island is super cheap and people are friendly.

You get to feel some Arabian charm and culture, while still enjoying European safety standards. I never felt unsafe and we had a blast exploring by ourselves (two young girls) without a guide.

Try to avoid going during peak tourist season, and I guarantee you’ll have the vacation of a lifetime. I would definitely rate Malta as one of the best holiday destinations in Europe (actually my second favorite, after Santorini).

Upsides of Visiting Malta

1. Thousands of Years of Interesting History

In Malta and Gozo, you can find prehistoric temples that have existed for thousands of years.

Some of the oldest, man-made structures in the world can be found in Malta. The Megalithic Temples (some of them are more than 5500 years old) are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Make sure to visit the old capital of Mdina, the silent city. Mdina is a small, picturesque town nestled on a hill overlooking the island. It was one of the excursions I enjoyed the most.

The town is famous for its historically significant buildings, museums, and cute cafes. It was built in the Middle Ages, and visiting Mdina feels like taking a time machine. Also, Game of Thrones was filmed there.

2. Amazing Weather Year Round

Malta is an extremely good destination for a summer vacation – almost no rain drops in sight.

Malta has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. I would not recommend going in August (as we did), it was soaring hot.

Summers last from June to September. They are typically sunny and hot with temperatures reaching up to 35°C (95°F). It is a great time for beach activities and swimming in the crystal-clear waters. However, it can get a bit uncomfortable in the middle of the day in summer.

Winters, from December to February, are mild, with temperatures averaging around 15°C (59°F). An amazing time to travel to Malta on a budget.

Spring and autumn are great times for going as well. Less heat, fewer crowds and cheaper prices.

Malta is also an amazing stop for a cruise – read what to do in one day in Malta.

Malta ocean at sunset

3. See the Location of Your Favorite TV Series

It will come as no surprise to you that the picturesque structures of Malta have been featured in many movies and series.

Many spots in Malta and Gozo became especially famous with the TV-series Game of Thrones. Just like Dubrovnik, Malta is one of the main filming spots for the series.

It is so much fun seeing the magnificent backdrop that we all know from TV in real life!

Other big productions, like World War Z, Gladiator and Midnight Express have also been filmed in Malta.

picture of gozo ancient city with lots of fisher boats in harbor

4. Huge Cultural Diversity

In history Malta was ruled by the Romans, the Arabs as well as the Brits, therefore you may encounter a great mix of cultural influences around the island.

Due to all of these influences, the food, the architecture, and the mentality of people are extremely diverse. The Arab presence is today still very strong since it left a distinct mark on the Maltese language. I mainly saw it in the Arab languages on street signs.

All of these influences make Malta so interesting – and I would definitely think Malta is worth it in 2024.

5. Historic Cities

Mdina, the silent city is not the only historically significant place in Malta.

Make sure to also take a ferry to Gozo: the small sister city of Malta is only a 20 min ferry ride away. The town offers you a journey back in history – as well as a great choice of sandy white beaches. You can even stay in Gozo for a couple of days.

Valletta itself is of course always worth a visit. In Valletta, you can find the Upper Barrakka Gardens, a total highlight for me.

Other cultural and architectural highlights of the island are Fort St. Elmo, Casa Rocca Piccola, Mosta Dome, Palazzo Parisio, Ggantija Temples, Auberge de Castille, and many more. Don’t forget about the Azure Window.

6. Stunningly Clear Blue Water

The water off the coast of Malta is stunningly clear, you could almost think you landed in the Caribbean. This is one of the main reasons why Malta is worth visiting – especially in summer!

84 out of a total of 87 beaches across Malta and Gozo have been classified as having excellent bathing water quality in the season.

Very few places in the world receive such perfect scores. I spend a lot of time in the Caribbean, and I promise that the Maltese waters are just as fine.

a beach from above in Malta with blue water and luxury hotel in background
Luxury Hotel in Malta

7. Cute Little Islands Close By

There are quite a few small islands located right next to Malta. Only three of the islands, Malta, Gozo, and Comino are actually inhabited.

You can book a boat trip to Comino, the Blue Lagoon, and the Crystal Lagoon of Malta! This was by far one of my favorite things to do in Malta.

The boat tour took us to stunning caves and beautiful turquoise waters and gave us a chance to work on our tan while being served ice-cold drinks.

These little islands alone definitely make Malta worth visiting.

Blue lagoon in Malta with stunning blue water
Blue Lagoon

8. Interesting Landmarks

Apart from all the historical landmarks I have mentioned, there are also quite a few places that are quirky and interesting.

One of these interesting landmarks is Popeye Village. It used to be a film set but has been turned into an amusement park later on.

The Gozo Salt Pans are another interesting landmark that make Malta worth a visit.

9. Beaches, Lagoons and Natural Pools

Beaches, lagoons, and natural pools are some of my favorite features of Malta.

Malta does not only have fabulous beaches, such as Ghajn Tuffieha (Riviera Bay) and Għadira Bay, but is also known for amazingly blue Lagoons and Natural Pools.

You can see stunning Natural Pools at St. Peter’s Pool and Għar Lapsi.

Salt Pans in Gozo

10. Delicious Food

The food in Malta is extremely delicious. As mentioned before, the many different cultural influences also left their mark on the cuisine of the island.

One of the biggest influences on Maltese cuisine was made by the Italians. There are lots of pasta dishes and other Italian favorites served in Malta (I am obsessed with Italian food, so that was a big upside).

Apart from the Italian food, traditional Maltese food is rustic and very seasonal. Make sure to try traditional Lampuki Pie (fish pie), Bragioli (beef olives), or Kapunata, the Maltese version of ratatouille.

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11. Fun Festivals

Malta is home to almost 300 different churches. Each and every single church is dedicated to a different saint.

In summer, many of these saints are celebrated with some so-called “festas“.

This means lots of decorations in the streets and a fun party around the island. Sometimes you can even see some pretty spectacular fireworks.

12. Friendly People

The Maltese are very laid back, friendly, and outgoing. This makes exploring the island a total joy.

The crowds traveling to Malta are usually consisting of young people, since it is a popular destination for these ages.

So not only will you meet super nice locals but probably also meet many interesting, young people traveling to Malta on your trip.

13. Easy to Explore

Malta is extremely easy to explore, because the island is not very big. Traffic can be lagging sometimes, so you need a little bit of patience.

We have rented an ATV for our entire stay and we had an amazing time driving around the island. It just took us some getting used to driving on the “wrong” side of the streets.

I love visiting smaller islands, such as Malta, exactly for that reason. You can drive around without much planning and just see where you end up.

The author overlooking the ocean in Malta from a viewpoint

14. Vibrant Island Life

Malta offers a vibrant and diverse nightlife scene, making it a popular destination young and old seeking entertainment after the sun sets.

From lively bars and clubs to beach parties and music festivals, there is something for everyone.

Paceville, in St. Julian’s, is known for its bustling nightlife with numerous bars and clubs.

Valletta and Sliema also offer a variety of venues where visitors can enjoy live music, cocktails, and a lively atmosphere.

I am not a party gal, but I heard its amazing!

15. Affordable Luxury

Compared to other islands in the Mediterranean, Malta is relatively cheap. You can stay in amazing hotels for very little money comparatively.

There is a broad selection of fancy hotels and resorts that will make your Malta vacation definitely worth a visit.

16. Safety

Malta is considered a safe destination for tourists. The crime rate is relatively low, and violent crime is rare.

Even though there are Arabic influences around the island (as you can see on the street signs sometimes), we did not feel a need to cover up or dress in any special way to be respectful.

We have also never felt unsafe despite being two young girls exploring on our own. The locals are also extremely helpful and not opposed to having tourists on the island. We didn’t experience any catcalling, as opposed to in Morocco.

17. English is the Second Official Language in Malta

Malta is a former British colony, which means that most locals are fluent in English.

I don’t know about you, but I always find it extremely helpful when I can communicate with locals effectively when traveling.

The main language spoken on the island is Maltese. It also helps that the official currency in Malta is the Euro.

The author in a white dress standing on a viewpoint in Valletta malta
Valletta View

Downsides of Visiting Malta

😔 As I mentioned before, the weather in summer can be way too hot for exploring. In the middle of August during our trip, we literally melted.

😔 Malta is not big on white, sandy beaches. They have a couple of nice ones, but they are a bit touristic.

😔 Malta can be a bit messy, and people are unpunctual. That is just typical Southern Europe, nothing to worry about.

How to Get to Malta

The quickest and easiest way to reach Malta is by plane. Most European cities offer a direct connection to the island, usually operated by the Maltese Airline Air Malta.

The biggest and only airport on the island is Malta International Airport. People refer to it as Valletta Airport.

Theoretically, you can also reach the island by ferry (e.g. from Sicily), but the transfer time is quite long.

The capital city of Valletta does allow cruise ships in its port. Many people will arrive in Malta via the big vessels on a Western Mediterranean Cruise.

Where to Stay in Malta

Based on your preferences there are many possibilities on where to stay on the island of Malta. Slow travelers will most likely find themselves preferring to stay around the Mellieha area (where you can find the best beaches) or in St. Pauls bay.

Sliema and St. Julians are famous beach towns on the island. They are usually very crowded with tourists and young people seeking the nightlife. Therefore, I would not recommend staying there if you are craving a more quiet setting.

If you like being close by historical sights, you might want to opt for Valletta, Rabat or Mdina. Valletta is a great choice for a shorter stay. I would not recommend it for a prolonged vacation due to its lack of beaches.

By ferry, you can reach Gozo island, which also offers plenty of nice places to stay. Gozo is a very small island offering a charming and quiet, yet historically significant place to stay. The other small island close by Malta is called Comino. It offers an equally relaxing atmosphere slow travelers will enjoy immensely.

On our trip to Malta, we chose the 4-Star Santana Hotel in Qawra, close to St. Pauls bay. The hotel had luxurious and spacious rooms, and the service was absolutely lovely. We especially enjoyed the rooftop pool after a long day of exploring as well as the diverse breakfast buffet. Conveniently, the hotel has its own restaurant, so good food was always within reach!

Summary: Is Malta Worth Visiting in 2024?

Yes, Malta is definitely worth visiting in 2024 and should be on every travelers bucket list.

Stunning landscape, impressive historical cities and amazing beaches make the island worth visiting. I loved how easy it was to explore, and how safe we felt all week.

Malta has become known as a culturally vibrant and budget-friendly summer holiday destination in Europe. Because of all the historical influences you can expect to be amazed at the cultural diversity of the island.

Of course there are some minor downsides, but all in all I would rate Malta with a 9/10 points for a European destination.

So is Malta a good place to vacation? Yes, Malta is definitely an amazing place for a summer vacay in Europe.

Frequently asked Questions?

Is Malta good for tourists?

Yes, Malta is very good for tourists. There are many affordable luxury hotels on the island, the beaches are pristine and the island life is vibrant. Locals are very friendly and hospitable

How many days in Malta is enough?

I suggest staying in Malta for at least a week. There are many points of interest that you should visit on your Malta trip, and a week will cover all of them without having to rush.

What is so great about Malta?

Malta has stunningly blue water, amazing architecture and lots of culture to offer its visitors. There are beautiful historic villages, stunning lagoons and natural pools that vacationers love.

Is Malta expensive to visit?

No, Malta is not expensive to visit. Compared to many other European summer hotspots, Malta is relatively cheap. You can find great accommodation, food and excursions on a budget in Malta.

Is Malta Safe?

Yes, Malta is very safe. There is very little violent crime on the island and we did not feel unsafe at any time on our holiday. We had a blast exploring by ourselves (two young girls) and never got into any unsafe situations.

Is Malta a popular tourist destinations?

Malta is surprisingly not yet on the radar of most tourists. Over the last couple of years, it has definitely gained in popularity, but it is not as overrun as the Greek islands for sure. There are definitely some touristic spots in Malta, but we never felt too crowded.

How expensive is Malta?

Malta is, compared to other European holiday destinations, still very cheap. Most day trips on the island cost around EUR 50,00. Nice hotels cost around EUR 150,00 per night. Eating out is very cheap as well, and especially alcohol is inexpensive.

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