Amazing Curacao Private Tours You Need To Take – Insider’s Guide

Are you looking for the best private tours in Curacao? Then I got you covered!

Curacao is an amazing tropical paradise, full of hidden beaches, secluded coves, and cultural highlights.

We all know the feeling – you book a tour and then get stuck in a big bus with 50 people. Everything is moving at snail speed and there is no personal attention at all.

The solution? Private Tours!

Private tours cost a lot of money – so you want to be sure to choose the right one!

My husband and I stayed in Curacao for many months this year – and taken an insane amount of tours.

To help you pick your perfect Curacao excursion, I have created a list of amazing private tours in Curacao you need to take.

(Sidenote: they are all cruise guest friendly)

Let’s get to it!

Curacao Yacht floating in the blue ocean in front of Klein Curacao Beach

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Sabrina’s Choice
klein curacao island private yacht trip
Klein Curacao – Private Charter
  • 8 hours
  • Pickup Offered
  • Optional Food or Drinks
  • Local Guide
  • Snorkel Equipment
  • Also for bigger groups

1. A Day Trip To Klein Curacao

author on klein curacao beach

If you only do one private tour in Curacao, it should be a day trip to Klein Curacao. The small, uninhabited island is definitely worth a visit.

You can snorkel, swim with sea turtles or simply enjoy the great beach. We have taken this Private Charter to Klein Curacao tour many times and never regretted it.

Make sure to bring enough sunscreen and some good walking shoes if you want to explore the lighthouse and the two shipwrecks on the other side of the island.

Klein Curacao is also an amazing place for scuba diving, so check with the tour providers if they supply gear.

You can’t reach Klein Curacao without a guided tour, so it makes absolute sense to splurge a little and book an exclusive boat trip for a day in paradise.

More Private Klein Curacao Tours

✔️ Private charter on Casador a classic 68ft sailing yacht

✔️ Private Charter With Topcat (Klein Curacao)

2. Full Curacao Island Private Tours

If a boat trip to Klein Curacao is not your cup of tea, you should look into full-island tours. You can see most highlights of Curacao pretty much in one day – so these tours definitely make sense.

I especially like this tour when coming to Curacao with a cruise ship. You have a flexible itinerary and you get to see so much in just one day.

The East to West Private Island Tour is an amazing choice for you. In 6 hours you will explore all my favorite spots on the island: Curacao Liquor Distillery, Fort Nassau, Flamingo Sanctuary, Shete Boka National Park, and many more!

You’ll see some sea turtles and my favorite beaches of the island.

More Private Curacao Tours

✔️ Adventurous Powerboat Sightseeing and Snorkel Tour

✔️ Private Tour for Two – Romantic Island By Land and Sea

✔️ The Curacao Full-Day Private Tour Experience

✔️ Curacao Private Tour and Activity Experience (4 up to 13 people)

✔️ Custom Private Curacao Island Excursion With a Local

sunken shipwreck in curacao
Sunken Shipwreck at Tugboat Beach

Do you need travel insurance in Curacao? Yes, travel insurance in Curacao is highly recommended. Unsafe roads, water sports accidents, and food poisoning are only a few examples of when travel insurance could come in handy. EKTA offers worldwide travel insurance with 24/7 service and no hidden fees or restrictions.

3. Private Curacao Snorkel & Boat Tours

hidden beach playa gipy in curacao

This Private Boat Trip with Trip and Treat Tours is one of the most fun adventures on the island.

In three hours the crew will take you on their small boat out on the Spanish Waters for some relaxing, water-sports and beach time. We saw the famous Tafelberg and explored the mangroves on the tour.

We booked this tour for our wedding anniversary, so we brought a small bottle of champagne to celebrate as well.

The crew was super friendly and helpful – they taught both of us how to wake-board with lots of patience! They live on the island, so they had lots of helpful travel tips for us.

Admittedly, the place where the tour starts is super hard to find.

But apart from our struggles to find the boat, we had an amazing time and can fully recommend this tour.

More Private Curacao Boat Tours

✔️ 90 Minutes Submarine Explorer Dive

✔️ Private Blue Room and Beach Tour by Speedboat

✔️ Half-Day Spanish Waters Yacht Tour to Shipwreck

4. Private Cultural Tours & Museums

Those who know me know that I always love taking historical tours of the places I visit. Therefore I can totally recommend the Private Jewish Heritage Tour Experience in Curacao.

You will make many interesting stops on this tour. My favorite ones are the Mikve Israel-Emanuel Synagogue, the Mongui Maduro Museum and the Curacao Liqueur Distillery.

Another impressive stop is the oldest cemetery in the Western Hemisphere.

Sadly, entrance fees to the museums are not included in the tour price.

The tour is nicely organized and you will learn so much about the history and culture of Curacao.

More Private Cultural Tours

✔️ Curacao TukTuk City Tour – UNESCO World Heritage

✔️ Curacao Cooking Class

✔️ Curacao Private Food Excursion

Why Take a Curacao Private Tour?

There are many reasons for taking a private tour in Curacao – as opposed to a group tour. Personally, we try to go private whenever we can afford it. I highly recommend going private as well.

Here are my main reasons for booking private tours:

  • more personal attention from your tour guide
  • customizeable itineraries
  • not having to wait for others
  • no danger of not so nice groups
  • more relaxed experience
  • perfect for cruise ship guests as shore excursions

What to Pack for a Curacao Private Tour

Most of the tours supply you with the necessary gear (snorkeling equipment, etc). However, it can still be good to have your own things that are best suited to your needs.

Apart from the snorkel gear, it is always good to bring sunscreen, sunglasses and cover-ups. Good walking shoes are usually also recommended.

Here is a list of my favorite snorkel gear and other things that might come in handy for these private tours:

Snorkel Glasses and Fins

Water Shoes (quick drying)

GoPro Hero 11 (amazing for super stable pictures under water)

GoPro Dome (for these Instagram shots where you are half in and half out of the water)

Underwater Phone Case (if you don’t have a GoPro)

UV Protection Swimming Shirt

Non-toxic DeFog spray

Conclusion: Curacao Private Tours

In this post we checked out my favorite Curacao Private Tours – and I hope you will love them as much as I did.

One of the things you definitely should do is a private boat tour in Curacao. Ideally, you get to see Klein Curacao island – it is truly magical.

Beach Hopping and Sightseeing Tours in Curacao are just as much fun, and I hope I could give you a great overview of the best private excursions in Curacao.

If you are looking for something less pricey, why not go on a Curacao boat trip for groups, or perhaps a Curacao Snorkel Tour?

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