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New Years’ Eve 2022 in Venice – Tips & Recommendations

For me, there is no more romantic and beautiful place in the world than Venice. The charming and mystical city on the canals is not only a great spot to visit for summer but also an amazing choice for New Years’ Eve 2022. Spending New Year’s Eve in Venice does not only guarantee you a spectacular fireworks, but also a really special place to explore the days before and after.

From gala dinners to fireworks to a New Years’ dive there is something to do for everyone looking to spend New Year’s Eve in Venice. Obviously, the sheer endless options of things to do in Venice on New Year’s eve make it hard to choose.

Luckily, I have spent my first New Years Eve together with my husband in Venice, and we have found the most amazing spot to see the fireworks from – totally in private and away from the masses! Make sure to keep on reading to find my recommendations for the most amazing New Years Eve in Venice.

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How to get to Venice

Planning how to get to Venice is probably the trickiest part of your journey. Since the entire city is basically built on water, there are not that many streets to drive on. Outside of the inner city there are some parking garages, but they are extremely costly. Unless you are planning on staying at the Lido di Venezia (can be reached with a car ferry), I do not recommend arriving by car.

Venice can be nicely reached by train, which takes you directly to the Santa Lucia train station in the heart of Venice. Your other option is to go by plane, via the airport Venice Marco Polo.

You will most likely have to take a water taxi or a Vaporetto (water ferry) to your final destination. Water Ferrys are a cheap and easy way to go places. If your accommodation is far off the beaten track, I recommend the water taxi, since it can be hard to reach it with suitcases otherwise.

Where to stay in Venice for New Years’ Eve

Year-round, I would probably prefer to stay somewhere in the inner city of Venice, so you can explore it easily without being bound to the water taxis. Especially during New Years Eve, staying on the Lido di Venezia is your best option for avoiding crowds and maximizing your experience and I would wholeheartedly recommend that. The Lido is a small island a couple of minutes away from the main island. You can reach it with water ferries and water taxis.

Booking a hotel on the side of the Lido, which is facing the city, will give you the most amazing view of the firework on the San Marco square. And you can see it all from your balcony or bed, with a bottle of champagne and your partner, without any of the crowds!

As for the perfect hotel to stay in, I have the most amazing recommendation that is very near and dear to my heart. My husband booked this hotel as a surprise for me on our first-ever vacation together and it was absolutely perfect for a magical New Years Eve in Venice.

The Hotel Villa Laguna on the Lido is an exclusive 4-star hotel, with only 19 suites overlooking the lagoon of Venice. The suites are charming and the decor of the hotel is cozy yet stylish. They offer an amazing breakfast buffet in a nice room overlooking the lagoon. Plus, they had all kinds of sweet Christmas decoration up, which made the place even more charming!

View from Hotel Villa Laguna in Venice

Apart from Villa Laguna, there are not that many hotels with such amazing views of the Lagoon and San Marco Square. If your budget allows, you can also check for hotels around San Marco Square to be closer to the fireworks.

What to do in Venice for New Years Eve

  • The big party on San Marco square. Before the impressive fireworks on San Marco square, there is a big party going on. Everyone is in a festive mood, and a big stage hosts different singers and artists.
  • At midnight, you have to kiss your love and watch the fireworks! Both of these traditions are supposed to bring you good luck for the next year. The fireworks are incredibly stunning, I think the most beautiful I have seen so far.
  • Instead of the party, we opted for watching the firework from our cozy suite at the Lido di Venezia. We had an amazing view of the lagoon and the fireworks and we shared a bottle of fine champagne together in quiet. Since it can also be pretty cold outside – I can wholeheartedly recommend this option. We shared such a special moment away from the crowds, and that made the experience even better. The Lido the Venezia is definitely the best spot to see the fireworks without any crowds!
  • Book a gala dinner. If you want to eat out on New Years Eve, make sure to make your reservations way in advance. Otherwise, everything will be booked. Most places are either booked out or closed, as we found out (since we had no reservation). Many of the nicer restaurants offer amazing gala dinners on New Years Eve, which makes for a really special experience.
  • New Years Eve in Venice would not be complete without a gondola ride. Tour the city at night after the fireworks on a romantic gondola, just the two of you!
  • At La Fenice Theater you can listen to a New Years Eve concert. This is the perfect choice for lovers of music!

Other things to do in Venice during your stay

Visit Murano and Burano

On the last day of the old year, we decided to have a look at the other two small islands close by Venice. Murano is a cute little island with colorful houses that is famous for it’s glass blowing production. You surely have heard of the beautiful famous Murano glass before!

Burano is a little smaller then Murano but equally picturesque. On the small island you can witness its historical lace production as well as its colorful houses! Take a ferry or a day trip to see both islands, have a nice stroll around the calm places and enjoy the last day of the old year! We absolutely loved the experience! New Years Eve in Venice would not be complete without seeing the colorful little islands.

I definitely recommend booking a guided tour in this case. We took the ferry since we like to move on our own schedule. However, the ferries were so busy in the evening that it took us hours to get home.

Explore the Rialto bridge, the typical sights and the small alleys of Venice

We spent the first day of the new year lazily strolling around the city and exploring cute small alleys. We strolled towards the Rialto bridge, the Doge’s Palace and over the bridge of Sighs.

Venice is a relatively small city, so you can definitely explore all the important sights by foot. It also does not matter so much where you go, it will always be beautiful and there is always so much to explore.

You can find art and culture at every corner in the city of Venice. There are amazing museums, such as the Peggy Guggenheim collection or the Doge’s Palace to explore. Make sure to book your tickets in advance, since this is a very busy time of the year.

Gondolas in Venice with beautiful sunset at New Year's eve

Is Venice safe to travel to?

Yes, Venice is definitely a safe place to travel to! I have been multiple times and I have never felt unsafe, not even at night. Crime rates are very low and the biggest danger is probably falling in the water!

Is Venice expensive for New Years Eve?

Yes, Venice is also quite expensive around New Year’s Eve. However, the experience is absolutely beautiful and in my opinion worth it! Flights, accommodations and food will probably be your biggest expenses.

If you do follow my advice of staying on the Lido, you can cut some costs there. Also skipping out on the Gala Dinner might save you some bucks. The fireworks are for free, and so is most of the exploring around town.

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