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25 Most Instagrammable Places in Aruba (With Interactive Map)

Are you looking for the most instagrammable places in Aruba? Then you are not alone!

Aruba is without a doubt one of the most instagrammable islands in this world. Especially the photos with the cute flamingos are going viral from time to time on Instagram.

If you want to take your vacation pictures to the next level, keep on reading and find out everything you need to know about the most instagrammable places in Aruba.

Some of these Aruba photography spots are quite famous and crowded, but I will give you tips on when to best visit them!

Keep on reading and learn all about my favorite Aruba Instagram spots and the most beautiful places in Aruba!

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Aruba Instagram Picture Spot Map

1. Flamingo Beach on Renaissance Island

This is without doubt the most famous Instagram spot in Aruba.

The flamingos on Renaissance Island show up in almost every Aruba picture you search for.

Visiting them can be quite complicated, so I have written a full guide on how to see the flamingos on Renaissance Island.

2. California Lighthouse

The California Lighthouse is my personal favorite Aruba Instagram photography spot.

The area is wide open and you can take nice shots without too many people there.

We came there right in the middle of the day and we could get a clear shot! Definitely one of the most instagrammable places in Aruba. Wanna know more?

3. San Nicolaas Village

San Nicolas is Aruba’s second largest city and is located roughly 19 kilometers southeast of Oranjestad, the capital.

The village is famous for its cute street art – and its many Aruba Instagram photo spots.

Since it is very remote, it is usually not busy there and you can show up anytime. Unlike Bonaire and Curacao, there is not a lot of street art in the capital city Oranjestad.

So, this is your only chance for beautiful, artsy pictures!

4. Baby Beach

Baby Beach is definitely one of the most instagrammable places in Aruba – and for good reason.

The water is crystal clear and there is white sand as far as the eye can see.

Make sure to show up early for a good shot, since it can get quite crowded later in the day.

5. Colorful Chairs of DIVI Phoenix Resort

On the beach of the DIVI Aruba Phoenix Resort, you can find some cute, colorful chairs that make for a great Aruba photography spot.

The resort is not closed off, so you can just walk through until you see the chairs. There are usually not many people there, so this is a great photo spot.

6. Downtown Oranjestad

Oranjestad is for good reason a favorite Instagram photo spot in Aruba.

The colorful houses are so cheerful and make for a great background.

There are many cute alleys to explore – and there is no better instagrammable place in Aruba than Oranjestad.

Oranjestad reminds us of Aruba being part of the Netherlands – so it is also historically important.

7. Iguana Beach

Iguana Beach is also located on Renaissance Island in Aruba.

Unlike Flamingo Beach, Iguana Beach is a lot less famous. However, I still found the little creatures super cute, and they are also quite friendly.

You can take some pictures with the little Iguanas or on the beach itself – one thing is for sure: Social Media will love it!

8. Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park is the biggest National Park in Aruba.

The park is extremely big, and can best be explored with a 4×4 car.

You can find so many instagrammable spots in the park: natural pools and bridges as well as beautiful cacti.

natural bridge at arikok national park

10. Old Gold Mill Ruins

The Old Gold Mill Ruins in Aruba are another fantastic Instagram spot.

They are also called Bushirabana Ruins and are definitely worth a visit.

The structures are from the 19th century and you can explore them for free.

cute picture of the old gold mill ruins overlooking the ocean

11. Donkey Sanctuary

Just like in Bonaire, Aruba has a Donkey Sanctuary.

It is located just outside the Arikok National Park and you should definitely drop by.

Make sure to buy them a bowl of food or leave a donation for the Sanctuary on your visit.

12. Flying Fishbone Restaurant

The Flying Fishbone Restaurant is one of the cool Aruba beachfront restaurants that you need to visit.

The reason why this is such an Instagram-worthy spot is that some of the tables are IN the water.

You can have a nice seafood dinner while having your feet in the water on the beach. So cool!

Pro Tip: make a reservation, otherwise you’ll have to sit on the sand like us.

13. Aruba Sunset Cruise

An Aruba Sunset Cruise is one of the coolest ideas to spend a romantic evening and shoot some nice pictures at the same time.

Book a catamaran cruise from Palm Beach and set sail in Aruba. Have some Aruba Ariba Cocktails for an extra good mood!

After taking your Instagram pictures, you might even get to snorkel to a shipwreck (another great Instagram spot if you own a GoPro).

14. Eagle Beach – Divi Tree

The famous Divi Tree on Eagle Beach is one of the unofficial mascots of Aruba.

Not only is the tree super mighty, but he is also growing in a nicely picturesque spot in front of the deep blue ocean.

My tip: come here in the evening for sunset, you might have the beach all to yourself! The sunset is the perfect backdrop for a scenic picture.

sunset cruise Aruba famous divi tree at sunset

15. Conchi Natual Pool Aruba

The word Conchi means bowl in Papiamentu – and is used to describe the fantastic natural pool on the island.

It is a bit of a journey to get there – but it is well worth it.

You can jump from the rocks into the natural pool – and take some great pictures!

Make sure to bring a protective case for your phone – the water splashes everywhere.

natural pool called conchi in aruba with big waves

17. Aruba Sunsets on Palm Beach

Palm Beach is the perfect place to watch the stunning Aruba sunsets.

If you are looking for a nice backdrop for your instagrammable shot – look no further.

The beautiful palm trees and palapas are the perfect contrast to the colorful sunsets of Aruba.

18. Red Anchor At Seroe Colorado

The Red Anchor at Seroe Colorado is located on the southeast point of the island.

It is located right next to Baby Beach, so you won’t drive all the way down there just for that one picture.

Right next to the anchor, you can find some street vendors selling fresh coconut – make sure to hop by for some refreshments.

red anchor at seroe colorado in front of the ocean

19. Aruba Letters

As we all know, Aruba is One Happy Island!

And they are proud of it – there are so many colorful letter installations all over the island.

Make sure to check out at least one of the installations for a nice Instagram spot in Aruba.

i love aruba sign in Aruba

20. Town Hall Building

The Town Hall Building in Aruba is a masterpiece of colonial architecture – and super Instagram-worthy.

Make sure to be careful when taking your pictures, it is located right next to a busy street.

The best way to get a good shot is to put your photographer on the other side of the street.

cute colonial green town hall building

21. Alto Vista Chapel

The Alto Vista Chapel is a beautiful, small chapel. It is located on a hill on the north shore of the island.

You can find the chapel northeast of the town of Noord.

The best time of day to drop by there is during sunset – for some stunning colors worthy of an Instagram picture.

alto vista chapel in aruba

22. Mangel Halto Beach

Mangel Halto Beach is located near the town of Pos Chiquito – on the southeast coast of the island.

The beach is super secluded, so you won’t feel weird taking some Instagram pictures, unlike other Aruba beaches.

Mangel Halto Beach is also a great snorkeling spot if you are looking for some underwater pictures.

mangel halto beach in Aruba

23. Eduardo’s Beach Shack

Eduardo’s Beach Shack is one of the most instagrammable places in Aruba.

Not only the food is super Instagram-worthy, but the location is as well.

Make sure to drop by for lunch and some pictures. It totally captures the Aruba aesthetic.

24. Fort Zoutman

Fort Zoutman is not only a military fortification in Aruba – it is also a great spot for an Instagram picture.

It was originally built in 1798 by African slaves. It is Aruba’s oldest building.

Nowadays, Fort Zoutman is a museum and open to the public.

old fort zoutman in aruba oldest bulding on the island

25. Aruba Aloe Factory

The Aruba Aloe Factory is a great place for an Instagram picture – and an even better place to buy some souvenirs.

You can tour the factory for free, just sign up at the shop.

Later you can buy some of their amazing products. I loved the sunscreen the most!

aruba aloe factory field in Aruba

Aruba Instagram Photo Tips

🦩 Research and plan: Before you start your trip, do some research about Aruba’s top photography spots. Look for iconic landmarks, beautiful beaches, colorful buildings, and unique natural features. Create a list of places you want to visit and photograph. You got that one covered by reading this post!

🦩 Golden hour: Take advantage of the magical light during the golden hour, which occurs shortly after sunrise and before sunset. The warm, soft light during these times will enhance the colors of the landscape and create a stunning atmosphere for your photos. Also, you won’t have any nasty shadows on your face.

🦩 Utilize the blue waters: Aruba is renowned for its crystal-clear turquoise waters. Frame yourself against the vibrant blue backdrop. Experiment with different angles and perspectives to make your photos visually appealing.

🦩 Capture local culture: Aruba is rich in cultural heritage. Explore the local markets, street art, and traditional architecture to add a touch of authenticity to your Instagram feed.

🦩 Use leading lines: Aruba offers a variety of landscapes with interesting lines and patterns. Utilize them to create depth and guide the viewer’s eye through your photo. For example, you can use a boardwalk or a winding road as a leading line to draw attention to your subject.

🦩 Experiment with underwater photography: Aruba’s clear waters provide a fantastic opportunity for underwater photography. Consider investing in a waterproof case for your smartphone or a GoPro to capture unique shots while snorkeling or swimming. Pro tip: check out the sunken shipwrecks for some dramatic underwater shots

🦩 Show the scale: Aruba is home to majestic rock formations and vast landscapes. To convey the grandeur of these natural wonders, yourself in your frame to provide a sense of scale. This can create a more captivating and awe-inspiring composition.

🦩 Play with colors: Aruba is known for its vibrant colors, so make sure to highlight them in your photos. Look for contrasting colors or complementary color schemes to create visually striking images. You can also experiment with editing tools to enhance the colors further. A great spot to create contrast is by photographing the pink flamingos against the blue waters.

🦩 Capture the sunset: Aruba boasts stunning sunsets, so be sure to capture their beauty. Find a picturesque location, such as the beach or a pier, and experiment with different compositions to create a captivating sunset shot.

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Conclusion: Best Instagram Spots in Aruba

If you are looking for the most Instagram-worthy spots in Aruba then this post got you more than covered for a full profile grid.

From the hidden San Nicolaas Village to the colorful streets of Oranjestad – Aruba is full of great photo spots.

The beaches of Aruba provide many great photo opportunities – not only the famous Flamingo Beach. Baby Beach, Mangel Halto Beach, and Palm Beach are just as Instagram-worthy.

If you are looking for amazing photo spots at sunset, why not participate in a sunset cruise? Coming to Aruba on a cruise ship? Check out my One Day in Aruba Itinerary.

Check more destinations for travel inspo and ideas.

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