20 Reasons Not to Move to Texas – Honest Review

Are you wondering about reasons not to move to Texas? Then I got you covered!

Texas is a huge state in America, known for country music, cowboys, and the rodeo. Large cities and delicious Tex-Mex cuisine are what the state is famous for.

Apart from all the obvious upsides of moving to Texas, there are also quite some downsides that you need to consider.

My husband lived and worked in Texas for three years – and he has given me his absolutely honest opinion about all the cons of moving to Texas.

If you want to know what you are getting yourself into – keep on reading!

picture of big city in texas at sunset with lots of heat which is a reason not to move to texas

1. High Temperatures and Humidity

The first reason not to move to Texas are quite obvious but I still wanted to get into it. Texas is hot. Too hot – for some.

The average temperatures in Texas are drastically different, depending on the region.

In general, the summers get extremely hot and humid. Temperatures often reach the 90s and even 100s Fahrenheit (37-38°C).

The heat is made even worse by high levels of humidity, which can make it feel even hotter.

Winter temperatures are generally milder but they can still dip below freezing in many parts of the state.

Not only are the summers hot, but the weather is also famously fickle. Drastic temperature changes are something you will have to get used to if you want to move to Texas.

However, if you love the heat and want reasonably good weather year-round – Texas is a great fit for you.

2. High Crime Rates

Texas is sadly known for having some of the highest crime rates in the United States.

According to the FBI, Texas had a violent crime rate of 455 per 100,000 people in 2022. That is far higher than the nationwide average.

The state also has one of the highest rates of property crimes.

Texas had 5.9 murders per 100,000 people in 2020 — this is significantly higher than the national average.

Despite these high crime rates, many cities and neighborhoods in Texas are still considered relatively safe. It depends on the region or city where you want to move to if this should be of concern or not.

Areas like Cedar Park and Flower Mound are quite famous for their low crime rates, for example.

3. High Taxes

Texas does have relatively high taxes, which is a good reason not to move to Texas for some.

The state sales tax rate is 6.25%, which is higher than the national average of 5.53%.

In addition, Texas ranks as having the eighth highest property taxes in the country with an average rate of 1.81%.

However, Texas does not collect any personal income tax. They do make up for that loss by collecting sales tax and property tax.

pretty lake in texas

4. Higher Cost of Living

The cost of living in Texas is generally higher than the national average. Mind you, is still a lot cheaper than in states like California or New York.

Housing costs are one of the biggest expenses for Texans. The average home price is $316,400 — that is a lot more than the median home price nationwide. Keep in mind that this greatly depends on the area, cities are in general more expensive than rural areas.

Texans can expect to pay about 14% more compared to other states across the US for utilities.

Also, food prices in Texas have increased over recent years and are about 8% more expensive than in the rest of the country.

The only thing cheap in Texas is the fuel. So at least car travel will be cheap.

All in all, that is for many people a reason not to move to Texas.

5. Limited Public Transportation

Another big con of moving to Texas is the lack of public transportation.

Texas is a very car-friendly state, and you will also need one to get anywhere. Especially if you want to visit rural areas, a car is an absolute must.

Even in bigger cities like Houston, about 92 % of inhabitants own at least one vehicle. Admittedly, that is a nation-wide issue.

Here is some advice for anyone moving to Texas: you need enough budget for a car!

6. Divided Political Culture

Texas is a state with a deep political divide, which is a big downside of moving to Texas.

The Texas Republican Party generally holds power in the state. However, some major cities are more socially progressive than the more rural areas of the state.

At the same time, many Texans are not fond of federal government intervention. They often feel overlooked by the Washington DC policy makers. There are quite some people in favor of libertarianism in rural areas.

All in all, this leads to quite some division in the political culture of the state.

7. Bad Traffic

Texas has more motor vehicle accidents than any other state.

Due to many people driving in favor of public transportation, traffic jams are a common occurrence.

The roads are huge – and super confusing (especially for Europeans).

If you are a bit thin on patience (like me) then the driving situation in Texas is gonna be a major downside for you.

8. Air Pollution

Sadly, the blue skies of Texas can be filled with air pollutants in certain areas of the country.

Pollutants from cars, trucks, and factories can make the air dirty and unhealthy – they are responsible for about 70 % of the state’s air pollution.

A current estimate is, that about 4.6 million people die each year due to air pollution.

If you are looking for clean air to breathe, you might have to look a bit farther than Texas.

oil drilling machines in sunset creating air pollution in texas as a reason not to move to texas

9. Disgusting Insects

Many times when another yucky insect is spotted somewhere in America, it is in Texas.

As if that was not enough, there are also about 84 different species of mosquitoes inhabiting the Lone Star state.

If there is one thing that loves the hot and humid climate – it is the mosquito. Not only are mosquitoes super annoying, but they also carry plenty of harmful diseases and transmit them to people.

10. Bad Healthcare System

Texas is sadly ranked 49th in terms of affordability and access to healthcare in the US.

This is one of the biggest reasons not to move to Texas for me – since I am used to all the great healthcare in Europe.

Especially in the remote areas of the state, access to healthcare is less than good.

Healthcare is also incredibly expensive in Texas so many older people without employment insurance are left without it.

Pro tip: make sure your future employer offers decent healthcare benefits before moving to Texas.

11. Gun-Friendly Laws

The gun laws in Texas are somewhat a reason for and against moving to Texas – depending on your take on it.

Texas has some of the most relaxed gun laws in the United States. A majority of Texans support Second Amendment rights.

Gun ownership is a big part of many Texans’ lifestyles. Owning handguns and rifles for hunting, sport shooting, and self-defense is quite normal in Texas.

12. Low Household Income

Texas has one of the lowest median household incomes in the United States. This is a big reason not to move to Texas.

The average household income in Texas is $94,115 in 2021. This is a lot lower than the national average.

While some Texans may be able to make ends meet with this income level, many struggle to pay for necessities like housing and food.

Especially in rural areas, people tend to make a lot less money than in cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, or San Antonio.

house in texas typical

13. Severe Weather and Hurricane Exposure

Texas is known for its extreme weather. For many people, this is an obvious downside of moving to Texas.

Especially during the summer and early fall months, people suffer blistering heat, severe thunderstorms, flash floods, droughts, and even tornadoes.

On average, Texas suffers between 10-30 tornadoes annually, with the peak season in May and June.

Texas is also exposed to hurricanes and tropical storms from the Gulf of Mexico.

If you are planning on living in hurricane-prone areas, you have to take all necessary precautions to protect yourself and your property before a storm hits.

14. Power Grid Failures

All of these intense weather conditions sometimes cause major power outages in Texas. This can even cause loss of life in extreme cases.

Especially in winter, the Texan power grids are not fully up to withstand occasional snow.

15. Less Seasonal Changes

The lack of seasonal changes can be a pro or a con of moving to Texas.

Many people love feeling the seasons – a snowy winter, hot summers, and rainy spring days.

There are definitely some differences in temperatures year-round in Texas, but you won’t be able to feel distinct seasons.

If you are looking for warm weather year-round – this might just be a good fit for you.

pretty desert landscape of texas worth moving there

16. High Urbanization

Texas is rapidly becoming more urbanized, which is a great problem for the state.

Many of the state’s largest cities are experiencing rapid population growth. This ultimately leads to traffic congestion, housing prices, and environmental pollution. Cities do not have the infrastructure or resources in place to handle the influx of people.

Additionally, high urbanization can put a strain on water sources. Especially, since cities rely on outside sources for their water supply.

All in all, if you are not fond of masses of people, Texas might not be a good fit for you (unless you move to more rural areas of course).

17. Slower Internet Connection

To this day, many Texans do not have access to High-Speed Internet connection.

Internet in general is pretty affordable in Texas, so at least that won’t be a problem.

Outside the bigger cities, many people are left with no or poor internet access.

If you are, like me, working from home or enjoying the occasional Netflix marathon, this might be a reason not to move to Texas for you.

18. Everything is Spread Out

Looking at the map of Texas, you will realize how insanely big the country is.

Unless you live in one of the bigger cities, everything is insanely spread out.

As mentioned before, you will most definitely need a car to reach certain shopping malls, restaurants, doctors, and many other things.

And the drives can be long, hot, and grueling (I drove 10 hours from Houston to New Mexico, believe me!)

airplane flying in texas with beautiful landscape

19. Too Much Delicious Food

Too much delicious food is one of the reasons why I would definitely move to Texas.

But let’s face it – Southern cuisine is hard to resist. And it is not exactly healthy either.

If you struggle with overeating or are looking for plant-based food and healthy cuisine, this might not be the best state for you.

Texans love their BBQ and of course their amazing Mexican food with delicious guacamole.

20. Intrastate Travel is Challenging

Driving from one end of Texas to another will take you about 12 hours.

Even driving non-stop from Dallas to Austin is a solid three-hour ride.

A drive from El Paso to Houston is about 10 hours long.

Because Texas is so huge, it will take you forever to go from A to B, just within the state.

If you like traveling around your home state a lot, this might be a downside of moving to Texas for you.

Does This Mean You Should Not Move to Texas?

Despite me finding 20 different reasons not to move to Texas, it is still a great state and can be a great place to call home.

Like any other place, Texas has its upsides and downsides. If you are realistically planning on moving to Texas, you need to have a look at all the pros and cons of moving to Texas.

Only then can you decide, if some of these reasons are a deal breaker for you.

In all fairness, I will also quickly give you a sneak peek about other reasons that might make Texas more appealing to you.

Reasons to Move to Texas

  • Plenty of job opportunities
  • Strong and diverse economy
  • World-class cities like Dallas, Austin, and Houston offer plenty of attractions, culture, entertainment, and restaurants
  • Low cost of living in some parts of the state
  • Warm weather throughout most of the year with limited snowfall
  • Amazing outdoor activities for all ages such as fishing, camping, hiking, and bird watching
  • Thriving music scene with live music events taking place almost every night
  • A rich history as “The Lone Star State”
  • Iconic landmarks like The Alamo in San Antonio or NASA’s Johnson Space Center near Houston – perfect for exploring!
  • Home to several professional sports teams like the Texas Rangers (MLB), Dallas Mavericks (NBA) & FC Dallas (MLS).
  • Offers great educational opportunities from public schools up through college/university
texas landscape one big reason to move to texas rural areas

Conclusion: Reasons Not to Move to Texas

As you have seen, there are quite a few reasons not to move to Texas. In all honesty, none of them are catastrophic and I would still call Texas a great place to live.

The severe weather is the biggest downside of moving to Texas for me personally – but many people deal with it perfectly fine.

Ultimately, it is up to your preferences to determine whether or not Texas is a good place to live.

If you are wondering about the neighboring state of New Mexico, you definitely need to check out all the Pros and Cons of Moving to New Mexico.

FAQ: Reasons Not to Move to Texas

Is it worth relocating to Texas?

While Texas offers plenty of job opportunities, cost of living, outdoor activities, and rich history, it also has environmental issues such as air pollution and droughts that could be a deterrent for potential newcomers. Overall you should weigh your options carefully before relocating to the state.

Is Texas still a good place to move to?

Texas can be an attractive place to live, with plenty of job opportunities, a low cost of living, and various attractions. However, due to air pollution and bad weather conditions in some areas, potential newcomers should research thoroughly before deciding whether to relocate here. With its rich history and abundance of outdoor activities, Texas is worth a closer look if considering a move!

What are some reasons not to move to Texas?

Common reasons not to move to Texas are difficult weather conditions in certain areas, such as droughts, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Texas also struggles with air pollution and urbanization, making especially the cities not a great place to live. Other reasons not to move to Texas are high crime rates and high taxes.

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