10 Best Sunset Cruises in Aruba in 2024

Are you looking for the best sunset cruises in Aruba? Then I got you covered!

Aruba is a tropical paradise in the Caribbean Sea. Together with Bonaire and Curacao, Aruba forms the ABC-island group. Bright turquoise waters and stunning, colorful sunsets are what Aruba is famous for. So why not combine the two, and sail out onto the open water for a stunning experience?

There is an incredible amount of offers for sunset cruises out there – and all of them have spectacular ratings. It can be so hard to choose the perfect one for yourself – and not get lost in all the incredible offers.

I have seen my fair share of Aruba sunsets on the water – so I know exactly what to look out for when it comes to a good excursion. To make the choice a bit easier for you, I have crafted a list with my 10 favorite Aruba sunset dinner cruise reviews.

Let’s dive in!

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Author’s Favorite
sunset sail
Luxury Wine & Dine Dinner Sail
  • 3 hours
  • Unlimited Drinks
  • 3-course dinner
  • Stunning itinerary
  • Friendly crew

1. Luxury Wine and Dine Dinner Sail in Aruba

🤩 4,5/5 Stars (183 Reviews)

If you are, like me, into food and sunsets – then you will absolutely love this Luxury Wine and Dine Dinner Sail in Aruba.

This excursion combines everything you need for a romantic night out in Aruba – and you will surely make some amazing memories on this trip. It is for many reasons one of the best dinner cruises in Aruba.

The catamaran cruise takes about three hours and will take you to the best sunset spots in Aruba. Enjoy a three-course buffet and an unlimited open bar.

My favorite feature about this cruise is that the menu includes international fare as well as local dishes. What a great way to learn about the culture of Aruba!

Duration: 3 hours

Included: Unlimited Alcoholic Drinks, Three Course Meal

We will go again and we totally recommend it to everyone else.

Virginia_B, Nov 2022

Great, fun staff, excellent food and drinks. The hard liqueur was upscale. The food included something for everyone, beef loin medallions, chicken, fish, salad, rice and potatoes, buffet style.

Single Catamaran in front of amazing orange sunset in Aruba

2. Aruba Sunset Cruise and Seaside Dinner

🤩 4,5/5 Stars (543 Reviews)

This Aruba Sunset Cruise and Seaside Dinner package is one of tourists’ favorite excursions on the island.

On this three-hour tour, you will first get to be amazed by the vivid colors of a tropical Aruba sunset. On board, you can enjoy drinks from the open bar while watching the sunset.

After this amazing experience, your catamaran will take you to the Pelican Nest Seafood Grill.

At this fun, waterfront restaurant you can have the choice between meat, seafood, and vegetarian options. Of course, a glass of wine with the meal is also included.

I totally recommend this one if you are worried about getting seasick. In that case, at least the dinner will be served on steady ground!

Duration: 3 hours

Included: Open Bar, Three Course Dinner

Best sunset cruise ever

Jennifer_J, Feb 2023

It made our last night in Aruba really special. Perfect boat ride. Glorious sunset. Delicious meal. 10 out of 10.

5. Aruba Happy Hour Sunset Sail with Food and Drinks

🤩 4,5/5 Stars (697 Reviews)

The Aruba Happy Hour Sunset Sail with Food and Drinks is one of the highest-rated Aruba Catamaran Trips out there. And for good reason!

Sail out on a 40-foot (12-meter) trimaran and enjoy drinks and snacks while waiting for the sunset.

The Octopus is currently the only lounge boat on the island, with super comfy lounges and cushions. I find this to be extremely relaxing!

Duration: 2 hours

Included: Food, Open Bar

Unforgettable Sunset

Jose_F, Feb 2023

The crew ship were great, very friendly. People around us were fantastic engaging in every conversation making the trip more enjoyable.

Pretty mangrove tree in Aruba on a beach with sunset and a catamaran in the background

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4. Aruba Sunset Sail

🤩 4,5/5 Stars (254 Reviews)

The Aruba Sunset Sail is a beloved tour among visitors – for many reasons. It is also super affordable!

Most of all, this tour includes free hotel pick up and drop off. This is incredibly helpful, so everyone in your group can have a couple of drinks from the free bar.

The tour includes an Open Bar and as many snacks as you can eat. All in all – this is a great experience you absolutely need to try.

Duration: 2 hours

Included: Hotel Pick-up and Drop off, Open Bar, Snacks

Sunset Sail

Wallace_J, Mar 2023

Great crew – lot of fun and friendly. Weather was perfect and scenery was breathtaking. Catamaran was very comfortable.

Pretty mangrove tree in Aruba on a beach with sunset and a catamaran in the background

5. Catamaran Sunset Adventure Cruise Aboard the Dolphin

🤩 4,5/5 Stars (162 Reviews)

The Catamaran Sunset Adventure Cruise on the Dolphin is one of the more relaxed and fun tours on this list.

As opposed to the other tours, I suggest you show up in your swimsuit for this excursion. There are water slides and trampolines on the catamaran – so much fun!

Be ready for an open bar and some island vibes with Caribbean music during this Aruba catamaran tour. I had way too many delicious Aruba Aribas on this tour, so be aware 😀

Duration: 2 hours

Included: Alcoholic Beverages, Snacks

It was awesome we loved…

Raquel_C, Feb 2023

It was awesome we loved it. Nice experience. We’ll definitely recommend to our friends. Thank you! Aruba Ariba

6. Aruba Sunset Sail with Appetizers and Open Bar

🤩 4,5/5 Stars (332 Reviews)

The Aruba Sunset Sail with Appetizers and Open Bar Tour is also one of visitors’ favorites.

I love the money-value relation for this cruise, you’ll get to see a lot for little money.

The tour includes bite-sized appetizers and an open bar while you sail on board of a luxury catamaran. You absolutely need to try their homemade rum punch on this tour!

Included: Drinks, Appetizers

Duration: 2 hours

This was a beautiful sunset cruise. Friendly staff, yummy food and drinks. It was beautiful sailing up and down the island and watching it light up as the sun set.

Carol B
sunset catamaran sail in Aruba

7. Aruba Sunset Sail Experience

🤩 4,5/5 Stars (134 Reviews)

This Aruba Sunset Sail Experience is a great choice for couples.

Snack on some tasty hors d’oeuvres while watching the amazing Aruba coastline fly by. See highlights such as the California Lighthouse and Eagle Beach from this tour.

Be ready for a breathtaking journey on board a luxury catamaran.

Included: Snacks, Open Bar

Duration: 2 hours

Highly recommend!

lindsey_w, Mar 2023

Great time, lovely drinks, beautiful views, friendly people and delicious empanadas ! Highly recommend !

8. Jolly Pirate Sunset Sail Aruba

🤩 4,5/5 Stars (223 Reviews)

If you are looking for a bit of a different and fun adventure, you have to come aboard the Jolly Pirate Sunset Sail Aruba. This excursion takes place on an actual “pirate” ship.

We did not take this tour personally, but we could see the ship from our boat. Guests had so much fun on the rope swing, jumping into the water. I was a little bit jealous (:

Sadly, there is no food included in this tour. However, this is one of the most beloved Aruba booze cruises on the island.

Included: Open Bar

Duration: 2 hours

Beautiful weather

Kacy_D, Feb 2023

It was great. The crew works well together. It is fun even if you don’t rope jump. The beauty of the island from the boat is so nice. Great pictures too. Thank you

Pirate ship in Aruba with someone jumping from the rope at sunset

9. Adults Only Aruba Catalina Bay Small-Group Snorkel Sunset Sail

🤩 4,5/5 Stars (20 Reviews)

I will not lie, I always get a little bit excited when I see the words Adults Only in a tour description somewhere.

This tour needs to be on top of your list if you wish for a grown-up tour in Aruba.

This tour also includes a swimming stop in Catalina Bay – so make sure to bring your swimsuit. The groups are pretty small with only 12 people, which makes the experience even better.

Included: Open Bar, Grilled Sandwiches

Duration: 3 hours

Black Pearl Sunset Cruise

Aug 2022 • Couples

Comfort excellent with lounge seats and small number, only 12. Food was wonderful. Well worth it. Dont miss it

Drone shot of two people swimming and snorkeling in a small bay in light blue water in Aruba

10. Private Aqua Donut Island Dinner in Aruba

🤩 4,5/5 Stars (68 Reviews)

This Private Aqua Donut Island Dinner Tour in Aruba honestly looks like so much fun. You will float around in a small, circular tube boat.

The fun thing is, that the floating table is being set up for you in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. You will travel there with a speed boat.

You can bring up to 10 friends and enjoy the ride! I find 1,5 hours a bit short in comparison to other cruises, but it is definitely more unique. If you are looking for a private Aruba dinner cruise – this is it.

Included: Water, Snorkeling Equipment

Duration: 1,5 hours

Other Fun Things to Do in Aruba

Aruba has a lot of sightseeing to offer. The beaches are pristine and the landscape is impressive. While you are on the island, I suggest visiting these places

For more guidance and inspiration, check out my 10 days in Aruba itinerary.

FAQ: Aruba Sunset Cruises

What do you wear on a sunset cruise in Aruba?

The summer nights in Aruba are quite warm, so it is not necessary to dress warm. However, there can be some chilly winds, so maybe bring a light west or jacket. Make sure to bring sunglasses.

What are the best Sunset Cruises in Aruba?

The best sunset cruises in Aruba are the Aruba Private Charters Sunset Cruise and the Luxury Wine and Dine Dinner Sail in Aruba. Both experiences provide you with the ultimate romantic Sunset Trip in Aruba.

Can you sail in Aruba?

Aruba is quite possibly the perfect location for sailing and snorkeling. Aruba has pristine crystal clear water, an abundance of marine life, and gentle trade winds – which makes sailing in Aruba an absolute pleasure.

Conclusion: Best Sunset Cruise in Aruba

If you are looking for the best sunset cruise in Aruba, then you don’t have to look very far.

There is a huge choice of amazing excursions and experiences out there – and I have found the 13 best ones for you in this article.

If you are looking for something more romantic, I suggest a private charter. They are not more expensive than the other tours if you split the fee with a group.

If you are looking for something unique and fun, try out the Donut Sunset Dinner or the Jolly Pirate Aruba Sunset Cruise.

Looking for more inspo for Aruba? Check out my 10 days in Aruba itinerary.

Wondering if Aruba is part of South America? Check out my geographical Aruba info.

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