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10 Best Bonaire Snorkeling Tours in 2024 – Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for the best Bonaire Snorkeling Tours for your vacation? You are not alone!

Bonaire is famous for its pristine marine life, so it is no surprise that there is an abundance of snorkel tours available. 

I spent around 4 months in the Dutch Caribbean last year, and I know what a hassle it can be to find the perfect tour without getting ripped off. 

Luckily for you, I have created this list with 10 amazing Snorkel Tours in Bonaire for your vacation in 2024.

Let’s dive in! (pun intended)

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Bonaire Grill & Chill Catamaran Tour
  • 4-hour tour
  • Klein Bonaire
  • Bonaire Marine Park
  • Dinner & Drinks

1. Bonaire Private Catamaran Charter

🥰 5/5 (9 reviews)

This private Bonaire Catamaran Charter is one of the best snorkel tours on the island. Grab your five best friends and come aboard this vessel for the journey of a lifetime. 

The tour is 100 % private, so there will be no other people with you on the boat. The tour starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 2 p.m.

Snacks, Lunch, and Drinks are included – so you really do not need to worry about a thing. Even snorkeling equipment can be borrowed on the vessel free of charge. 

The tour spends about 4 hours cruising the Bonaire National Marine Park. In the last hour, your catamaran will take you to beautiful Klein Bonaire for the most amazing marine life in the Caribbean.

The tour is also customizable, so if you wish to see other Bonaire snorkeling sites – that is totally up to you. 

The downside of this tour is, obviously the price point. But, keep in mind that you can split it through up to six people, so it is really not that bad! Also compared to other Klein Bonaire Snorkeling Tours – it is totally justified. 

Included: Equipment, Lunch, Open Bar, WiFi

Duration: 5 hours

Highlight of our vacation A Tripadvisor Reviewer, Feb 2023 Julia and James planned the perfect day for our family of 4. The meals, the snorkeling, the music, the drinks and the company were amazing. There was something for everyone to enjoy from age 7 to the teen and adults.

A Tripadvisor Reviewer, Feb 2023

2. Private Klein Bonaire Snorkeling Tour with Local Guide

🥰 5/5 (2 reviews)

This Private Klein Bonaire Snorkel tour comes with a local guide and is quite a bit cheaper than the previous tour. You can bring up to 8 people with you on this adventure.

The tour takes about 4 hours and starts in Kralendijk. Pickup from different spots is possible. This makes the tour amazing for cruise ship passengers. 

Your tour guide will take you to the small island of Klein Bonaire. There, you will be able to explore 3 different snorkeling spots. The guide will hop into the water with you and make sure you have the best experience. 

Included: Equipment, Lunch, Drinks, 

Duration: 4 hours

Best snorkeling trip we’ve ever had! Brenda was amazing. She took a personal interest in our excursion to make sure it was the best possible experience. Best snorkeling trip we’ve ever had!

Allyson_G, Dec 2022
Sailboats of the coast of Bonaire

3. Grill and Chill Catamaran Tour in Bonaire

🥰 5/5 (179 reviews)

One of the coolest snorkel excursions in Bonaire is the Grill and Chill Catamaran Tour. Your vessel will take off from Kralendijk, so this is also an ideal excursion for cruise guests. 

This tour takes about 4 hours and visits Klein Bonaire as well as the Bonaire National Marine Park. 

At the Bonaire National Marine Park, a snorkel guide will hop into the water with you and guide you to the coolest snorkel spots. 

In between all the water sports, you can chill in the sun on the fabulous catamaran. 

While you enjoy the ride, your crew is gonna prepare an amazing BBQ dinner for you, including some yummy seafood! 

Included: Equipment, Dinner, Drinks, 

Duration: 5 hours

Excellent Adventure!

This was the highlight of our trip. Great snorkeling, great food, really nice crew. We will definitely do it again the next time we are here.

Gina_N, Jan 2023
beautiful red coral underwater

4. Double Tip Snorkel Trip

🥰 5/5 (804 reviews)

The Double Tip Snorkel Trip is one of the most beloved snorkel adventures in Bonaire. And for good reason. 

The trip takes about 3,5 hours and you will visit two of the best Bonaire snorkeling spots. In my opinion, the coolest feature of the trip: a professional photographer will be on the boat to help you make memories permanent.

Another thing I highly appreciate about this tour is, that they offer prescription masks. As a person who wore glasses for 12 years, it is so cool to have the opportunity to snorkel despite that disability. 

After a fun day on the sea, your vessel will take you back to Kralendijk. On the way, you can enjoy some fruit punch and homemade snacks. 

I mean, what is not to love about this tour?

Included: Equipment, Snacks, Drinks, and Photographer

Duration: 3,5 hours

Perfect Snorkel Tour Tour guides were amazing and caring. Everything was well organized, we went out in 3 small groups. They provided lovely snacks and used gloves when handling the food, and drinks – all was except and plentiful. This was a totally perfect experience and I would highly recommend Seachow without any hesitation. First class all the way- thanks guys for a memorable experience!!

JANIS_C, Feb 2023
Sea turtle underwater swimming towards corals with lots of orange fish

5. Washington Slagbaai Natural Park Tour in Bonaire

🥰 5/5 (90 reviews)

For everyone who does not want to spend the entire day on the water, this tour is a perfect fit. This 7-hour tour of the Washington Slagbaai National Park is gonna take you to some of the most pristine spots on the island. 

With a 4×4 you will explore deserted beaches, blowholes, and abandoned plantation houses. There is plenty of time to see the wildlife in the park – and of course to go snorkeling. 

For snorkeling, the Wayaka trail is an excellent spot. You will be amazed by the beautiful wildlife in the nature reserve. 

Hotel/Port drop off and pick up are included in this cool tour. The group sizes are very small, which means you will get some great personal attention from your guide. 

Included: Equipment, Lunch, Snacks, Drinks, Hotel pick up/drop off

Duration: 7 hours

Beautiful Tour Our tour guide Marco was excellent! We would definitely recommend your tours to anyone who asked. Thank you for accommodating my husband with his Gluten Free food requirement. Having lived on Bonaire for seven years as a child from 1967-1974. It was wonderful to see the park and Slagbaai having spent many outings swimming and picnicking there. Thank you again 😊

Jayne_R, Jan 2023
Bonaire shore waves

6. E-Snorkeling in Bonaire with easy Sea Scooters

🥰 5/5 (11 reviews)

This Snorkeling Tour in Bonaire is so much fun – and ideal for adventurers. The Sea Scooters make swimming completely obsolete!

The Sea Scooters are a super comfortable way to explore the water without getting tired. At the beginning of the tour, your guide will show you some basic techniques on how to handle the equipment. 

During the 1,5 hour excursion, you can either follow your guide to the best snorkel spots on the island or explore by yourself. 

Pickup for cruise passengers is included. Other guests are asked to hop in at the Marriott Hotel. This is one of the best snorkeling in Bonaire trips without much effort. 

Included: Equipment, Snacks

Duration: 1,5 hours

Excellent adventure This trip was worth every penny we paid! Robert and Elora were extremely helpful and nice! Elora showed us the underwater world of Bonaire and taught us a lot about the local fish and coral. We even saw a turtle! The sea scooters were so much fun, I don’t want to snorkel any other way now! We can’t wait to go back

Clarissa_W, Jan 2023
Snorkeler underwater with a sea scooter

7. South Island Tour and Snorkel Combo

🥰 4,5/5 (60 reviews)

This Bonaire excursion combines two of the most interesting things in Bonaire – the southern side and some snorkeling. 

Your guide will show you the Salt Flats and the Salt Pear as well as some historic slave huts. I loved seeing the Flamingos and the Dokeys in Bonaire the most! 

Next, your PADI guide will take you snorkeling in the island’s marine park area. The snorkeling part of the tour takes about an hour. 

The downside of this tour is, that you need to buy a pass for the Marine Park (USD 40,00) additionally. 

It tour is an amazing way to explore the island by sea and by land – and learn a lot about culture and history at the same time. 

Included: Equipment, Water

Duration: 3 hours

Brenda was outstanding… Brenda was outstanding tour guide. She helped us enjoy snorkeling to its fullest; eagerly sharing the history of the island and made it so interesting. She gave us several opportunities to get out of the car to Take pictures; desiring to meet any special need that we had. I would rate Brenda’s tour beyond excellent to superior.

James_A, Feb 2023
Slave Huts in front of beach in Bonaire

8. Bonaire Marine Park and Snorkeling Excursion

🥰 5/5 (109 reviews)

On this adventure trip, you will explore the beautiful, crystal-clear blue water starting in Kralendijk. 

The tour will make two different spots for snorkeling. You can see different tropical fish, sea grass, and mangroves on this tour. 

In between your snorkeling stops, you can enjoy some snacks and beverages on the boat. There are only up to 10 people allowed on the boat, which makes it a super personalized experience. 

Included: Equipment, Soft-Drinks, Snacks, Hotel Pickup/Drop-off 

Duration: 3,5 hours

Great excursion! We had the best time on this excursion! Daniel was on time and extremely friendly. Great explanations of what we could expect to see. Masks and snorkels were the best I’ve ever seen. Drift snorkeling made it non-strenuous. Fish and coral were beautiful! Made it back to the cruise ship in plenty of time. Highly recommend!!

Janet_C, Feb 2023
Beautiful coral underwater picture Bonaire snorkeling

Do you need travel insurance in Bonaire? Yes, travel insurance in Bonaire is highly recommended. Unsafe roads, water sports accidents, and food poisoning are only a few examples of when travel insurance could come in handy. EKTA offers worldwide travel insurance with 24/7 service and no hidden fees or restrictions.

9. Shore Excursion Island Tour with Beach Drop Off

🥰 no reviews yet

This fun tour and shore excursion is ideal for cruise guests because it shows you all the highlights of Bonaire in a very short amount of time. 

See the flamingos and the salt flats before participating in a guided tour of the Cultural Museum. You can check out Downtown Kralendijk and take some cute pictures. 

You can also choose to spend two hours at the Spice Beach Club on this tour. There you can rent some snorkeling equipment and check out the marine life. 

Compared to the other tours, there are not a lot of extras offered on this tour. However, it does combine everything you need to see in one day in Bonaire. 

Included: Bottled Water, Guided Tour of the Cultural Museum

Duration: 3 hours

10. Clearbottom Mangrove Kayak & Snorkel Tour

🥰 4,5/5 (228 reviews)

Last but not least, the Clearbottom Mangrove Kayak and Snorkel Tour is a super cool experience you need to try in Bonaire. 

An experienced nature guide is gonna lead you through  Lac Bay’s mangroves. With the clear bottom kayak and the snorkeling gear, you will be able to see so many stunning things on this trip. 

The excursion includes no more than 10 people, so you will have a lot of personal attention from your guide. 

Also, the clear bottom kayaks are super Instagram-worthy! 

Included: Bottled Water, Sodas, Snorkeling Equipment, Kayak

Duration: 3 hours

Good tour, amazing tour guide The tour itself was great, but what made it exceptional, was our tour guide Stan. He picked us up at the cruise port and on the way to the mangroves told us about the history of Bonaire and present day life on the island. He also on the way showed us the famous flamingo’s, wild donkeys and salt deposits and stopped the car so we could get better pictures. All of this was a bonus to the actual tour we booked, the kayak trip through the fabulous mangroves with opportunity to snorkel. This part was amazing, such a beautiful environment to pass through in such a fun manner. Big shout out to Stan for making our ine day in Bonaire an unforgettable experience!

Gert_A, Jan 2023

Other Fun Snorkeling Excursions in Bonaire:

How to Get Around Bonaire for Snorkeling?

Most of these Bonaire Snorkeling Tours offer Hotel or Cruise Port Pick-Up. If you are planning on staying on the island longer and maybe checking out some more Snorkeling Spots, I suggest taking out a rental car. 

Discover Cars offers the best rental cars on the island. They have amazing rates and the service is always great. 

Where to Stay in Bonaire for Snorkeling?

There are a couple of great places to check out for staying in Bonaire for snorkeling. Some of my favorite Bonaire Snorkeling Resorts are:

What Snorkel Gear Do You Need in Bonaire?

Here are my favorite things I use on a daily basis in Curacao for snorkeling:

Snorkel Glasses and Fins

Water Shoes (quick drying)

GoPro Hero 11 (amazing for super stable pictures underwater)

GoPro Dome (for these Instagram shots where you are half in and half out of the water)

Underwater Phone Case (if you don’t have a GoPro)

UV Protection Swimming Shirt

Non-toxic DeFog spray

Is Bonaire still good for snorkeling?

Yes, Bonaire is still good for snorkeling. Over the years, the government has put some measures into place to protect marine life but the island still offers some of the best snorkeling spots in the world. 

Is Aruba or Bonaire better for Snorkeling?

Bonaire is better for snorkeling than Aruba. In Bonaire, you can hop directly into the water and see amazing fish and corals. Amazing snorkel spots in Aruba are harder to find, and the shallow water is very cloudy in most places. 

Can you snorkel from the beach in Bonaire?

Yes, you can snorkel directly from the beach in Bonaire. The island has about 83 marked dive and snorkel sites, and each one of them is amazing. It has been voted the number one shore diving location in the world. 

Which ABC Island is best for snorkeling?

Bonaire is the best ABC Island for snorkeling. While Aruba and Curacao also have some beautiful snorkel spots, Bonaire has by far the best marine life. Bonaire’s government does an amazing job at protecting the coral reefs. 

Do you have to pay to snorkel in Bonaire?

No, you don’t have to pay to snorkel in Bonaire. There are plenty of free accessible spots to snorkel in Bonaire. For an excursion to Klein Bonaire or the Washington Slagbaai National Park, you do need to pay a small fee. 

What is the best month to visit Bonaire?

Bonaire is year-round an amazing destination to visit. It is located outside the hurricane belt, so the weather is always good. The official rainy season is from December to March, but it rarely rains for more than an hour per day. 

How many days do you need in Bonaire?

I suggest spending at least a week in Bonaire. There are many amazing things to see and explore, so a week is a great amount of time. 

Where is the clearest water for snorkeling?

Bonaire has some of the clearest water for snorkeling in the world. Other great places are Komodo Island, Big Island Hawaii, Palawan, Great Blue Hole, Galapagos Islands and British Virgin Islands. 

Conclusion: 10 Best Snorkeling Tours in Bonaire in 2024

Bonaire’s stunning marine life is something everyone needs to experience at least once in their life. Luckily, there is an amazing offer for snorkel tours and excursions on the island. 

Most tours have amazing ratings and are offered at a really fair price. This, of course, makes it hard to choose the right one. 

My suggestion for groups of people: book a private Bonaire snorkel trip, so you will get the most for your money. The private Bonaire Catamaran Charter is an amazing option! 

The 10 Bonaire snorkel tours I discussed here in this article, are definitely worth checking out. All of them offer equipment and most of them even include some yummy food! 

If you are only in Bonaire for a day, check out my Cruise Ship Itinerary for Bonaire

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