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The Ultimate Guide on House Sitting – for Slow Travelers

You want to see the world, but you haven’t got the savings. Is it still possible? The answer is: Yes, it is possible to comfortably travel the world on a budget! House sitting might be the answer to your problems!

If you understand the ins and outs of slow travel, it is quite attainable. This is especially true if you house-sit while seeking out cultural experiences!

But how do you become a house sitter? My friends Britt and Jayden are professional house-sitters – and they told me all about it for this post! 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to combine house-sitting with slow travel, the perks of house sitting and how to become a house sitter yourself.

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What Is Slow Travel?

First of all, let’s discuss quickly the term Slow Travel. Slow travel is the act of traveling in such a way that you truly get to explore new places and experience them intensely. This allows travelers to have a deep cultural experience and utilize sustainable accommodations at the same time.

Instead of rushing from attraction to attraction, you hang out with the locals. You take your time and explore the lesser-known attractions in each area. You taste the food and learn about the culture.

On one hand, this saves money on transportation. It also means you don’t have to deal with airport security or airport pickup as frequently.

This way of sustainable travel can also be more affordable. This is especially true if you work remotely and plan out your finances. In this case, house sitting can be a great way to experience slow travel while saving some money.

What Is House Sitting?

House sitting is the act of caring for a house while the house owner is away. House-sitting jobs often include pet-sitting tasks, as well.

You will usually be responsible for daily tasks, like watering plants or getting the mail. You can live in the house for free in exchange for providing daily household tasks. In some cases, you can even get paid to house-sit.

Does This Mean You Get To Travel For Free?

While it may be difficult to travel for free, it is possible to travel to major cities on a budget. You can save a lot of money by house-sitting rather than staying at fancy hotels. 

But there are also some other ways of saving money on your travels. By planning out your travel plans ahead of time, you can also save money on transportation.

Cooking most of your meals at home can save a lot of money on food. This is one of the great perks of house-sitting since you will have access to your kitchen. 

Looking for deals on different attractions will save you money on tourist hot spots. The people you house-sit for might be able to give you some tips for that.

If you are a digital nomad who works remotely, you should easily be able to make as much money as you need. You can combine your house-sitting tasks easily with your digital nomad job, since it is usually very little work.

There are also exchange programs like Workaway which can help you travel affordably. You could also consider cultural exchanges while traveling. This is especially true if you can teach the English language.

How To Become A House Sitter?

Wondering how to get into house sitting? Set up a house-sitting profile with an online platform and start looking for a job! It really is that easy.

First of all, you will have to provide references and work hard to get reviews from your clients. It is important to have some reviews quickly, so potential new clients can trust you.

Highlight your skills and put your best foot forward in the interview. You have experience with animals or you love cleaning? Make sure to mention it.

If you and the homeowner openly discuss expectations, you will have amazing experiences. Communicate what is important to you, and listen closely to what the house owner wants you to do.

House sitting opens up many travel opportunities. For example, you could visit Western Europe, Italy, and other iconic European destinations. It brings down the cost of pricier destinations. Pick your dream destination and start looking for offers!

Here are some platforms that you can check out if you are wondering about how to become a house sitter:

Trusted Housesitters

Aussie House Sitters

House Sitters America

House Carers

How To Combine Slow Travel and House Sitting

When traveling slowly, it is important to avoid living on an itinerary. Pick a location and follow your heart once you arrive!

Slow travelers aim to feel at home at each destination. They might visit some iconic attractions, but they will also discover local favorites.

Which dive bar has the same regulars all week long? Where is the best place to get a coffee and strike up a conversation? Which diner is the ultimate hang-out spot for the retired crowd?

When house-sitting, you have a head start on these discoveries. You’ll usually be living in a residential area away from the tourist traps. You’ll also be able to ask the homeowners for some advice!

For these reasons, house sitting is an amazing way to get into the Slow Travel Lifestyle effortlessly.

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Should You House Sit For Free?

Many people house-sit in exchange for sustainable accommodations. However, there is no reason to do this.

Many online platforms will match you with homeowners that will pay you.

While you might not get rich from house-sitting, you can make some extra money. This will help you with grocery shopping expenses and travel accessories.

How To Become a House Sitter in Foreign Countries

Whether you want to house sit in Costa Rica, Eastern Europe, or North America, the process is usually the same.

House sitters will follow the same procedures in each country. However, the house sits will differ from home to home.

The biggest thing to consider is the logistics of foreign travel. You may need visas, passports, and international cell phone coverage.

Research each country to make sure you can prepare adequately to live there for a few weeks.

What currency will you use to pay for everything? What language should you brush up on? How will you get around?

If you can answer these questions, you will be able to house-sit abroad effortlessly!

The Perks of Becoming a House Sitter

House-sitting is one of the easiest ways to get cheap accommodations. It is also a great way to ensure that you will be in a comfortable environment.

While hostels are affordable, you’ll have to deal with nasty hostel showers and hostel food. You won’t have those problems while on a house sit! Having some privacy and some space for yourself is definitely an upside of house-sitting.

When house-sitting, you usually have access to a full kitchen. This is amazing if you love cooking and don’t want to eat out every single day.

You also will have more than one room to live in while you’re there. It’s nice to be able to spread out and make yourself at home! This helps alleviate a lot of the stress that comes with traveling.

You’ll also have furry friends at most housesits! This means you’ll always have a cuddle buddy, especially if you’re feeling lonely. Walking the dog you are sitting is also a great way to meet locals.

Since most house sits are in residential neighborhoods, it is pretty easy to live like a local. You will discover their favorite places in the community and make friends.

If you’d love sustainable accommodations and cultural exchanges while traveling, house-sitting is definitely a great choice for you.

Instead of paying for fancy hotels or backpacking through Europe, you’ll enjoy leisurely and relaxed travels – on a budget.

The best part is you can house-sit anywhere! This means it is perfect for anyone who wants to stay, for example in North America or explore Eastern Europe.

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Conclusion: How to combine House Sitting with Slow Travel

House Sitting is a great way to get into the Slow Travel Lifestyle. You get to live like a local in your favorite travel destinations. And the best part is: you don’t have to pay for it.

In exchange for some daily tasks and occasionally some pet sitting, you get to live in a nice home free of charge – and might even get paid for it.

This is a great and stress-less way of living like a local. It is so easy to become a house sitter – that everyone can do it. And the perks of it are amazing.

If you’re waiting for the perfect time to book house sits in your favorite countries, wait no longer. The perfect time is now!