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Hi there, welcome to my Slow & Luxury Travel Blog Shades of Summr. This is a place where I want to showcase the most beautiful destinations on this earth, and how to explore them mindfully. Slow Travel is an approach that emphasizes connection to a place over quantity of visited sights. It is about appreciating the culture, the food and the people as well as the nature. 

My goal is to create a page that features amazing day trips, excursions and hotels that will connect you to the place you visit and give you great value. Not only do I advocate for Slow Travel, but I also strongly believe in the concept of adding some luxury and comfort to your travels. Slow Travel is good for the soul and mind – Luxury Travel is good for the body. My trips and adventures give me a great deal of happiness – and I love sharing it!

Above all that I wanna give you a literal taste to travel – by featuring the local cuisine of the places I visit and by linking to the sweetest restaurants with great service that deserve attention. Also my love of wine and wine tasting experiences found a space on this page! 

Feel free to check out my categories and browse through my blog posts! Love, Sabrina